World Health Organization: How to accept what is not there

Taiwan President Sai Ing-wen. China considers them separatists and constantly pressures Taiwan to accept the One China policy.

China had bet that Taiwan would have to believe it was part of China
WHO said – not enough mandate to include Taiwan

Taiwan has rejected China’s condition to participate in the World Health Organization. China placed a condition that Taiwan first agreed that it was part of China, only then it could participate in the WHO meeting. Taiwan is not yet a member of the WHO and is trying to participate as a supervisor in the World Health Assembly next week.

Because of China, Taiwan is not getting a chance to speak?

China has objected to this, as China reveals its share to Taiwan. China says that Taiwan can only participate under the One China policy, which means that Taiwan is a part of China. China’s Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party refused to do so and therefore Taiwan does not have any political basis for participation in the WHO.

Taiwan will continue to try further

Taiwan Health Minister Chen Shih-chung said in a press conference in Taipei, “Taiwan will never accept China’s condition.” How to accept that which is not there. ”With this, he said that Taiwan will keep trying to attend the World Health Assembly even if it does not get any invite from there. Taiwan said that due to the coronavirus epidemic, it became necessary for Taiwan to have access to the WHO.

Taiwan said- Our government can only take our voice.

China says that China has the right to represent Taiwan on the international stage. At the same time, Taiwan says that only its democratically elected government can raise the voice of 23 million people in the country. “We can represent our people,” Taiwan Deputy Foreign Minister Kelly Hash said in the same press conference. We hope that the WHO will remain neutral and professional keeping its political views on the edge. ”

China ‘threatened’ to occupy Taiwan, America sent warship

Taiwan has been involved in the WHA from 2009 to 2016. Taiwan has been involved in the WHA as an Observer from 2009-16. During this time, Taipei and Beijing had a very good relationship, but after Taiwan’s President Sai Ing-wen was elected, China stopped him from participating further. China considers Sai Ing-wen as separatist. In this entire matter, the WHO says that only members of the World Health Assembly can decide which countries to include and there is no mandate in favor of Taiwan.