Work stopped in the world’s deepest gold mine, 164 employees infected

650 workers, who were working in this gold mine several kilometers deep inside the earth, were investigated. Not all people who have become corona infected have symptoms of the corona.

  • This gold mine is 4 km deep
  • 75 kilometers from Johannesburg

The coronavirus has now affected the world’s deepest gold mine. Now work has stopped here. 164 people working at Poneng Gold Mines in South Africa have been infected with the coronavirus. After this, AngloGold Ashanti, the company that runs this mine, has issued instructions to stop working here.

Let us tell you that there are more than 22,500 corona cases in South Africa at this time. While 429 people have died due to this. AngloGold unrest says that all infected workers have been kept in isolation. On normal days, every day 4 thousand employees used to go inside the land for mining. This mine is so deep that it should contain 10 Empire State Buildings. The total tunnel length inside this mine is 380 km.

Work started after a month off

The company has also said that 650 employees have been investigated after the first case of Corna infection came to light last week. This mine was closed a month ago. But work started in it last month. But now it is time to close it again.

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A lockdown was imposed in South Africa in March to prevent the coronavirus. During this time no work was done in any gold mine. No symptoms of corona have been seen in people who have been infected. Some employees working in deep mines have expressed concern about returning to work.

Difficult to follow social distancing in mine

The biggest problem in my work is that it is very difficult to implement social distancing while doing such work. In early May, a labor union won a case in court after which the government had to issue strict guidelines for the safety of workers.

This gold mine is 4 kilometers deep

The Poneng Gold Mine is located southwest of Johannesburg in South Africa. The depth of the mine is about 4 kilometers inside the earth. Gold mines are found in the Wappersdorp Contact Reef (VCR) in the area of ​​West Wits in South Africa. In Penang, the deepest mines under the ground reduce the extraction of gold through gridiron technology.