WHO on corona: 116 countries will raise demand for World Health Assembly

The World Health Organization (WHO) is the target of 116 countries around the world because of its activity and actions on the corona virus Kovid-19. The 116 countries of India, including India, want the issue to be raised in the World Health Assembly that the WHO’s response to and response to the corona virus Kovid-19 be investigated independently, objectively and thoroughly. The 73rd World Health Assembly begins today in Geneva, Switzerland, starting May 18.

The WHO’s role in preventing the Corona virus Kovid-19 was questioned by many countries including the US. After this, at the behest of Australia and European countries, 116 countries across the world have stood against WHO.

The African group of 54 countries has also joined 27 countries of Europe, Brazil, South Korea, Mexico, Turkey, New Zealand, Australia along with 116 countries around the world. India, Russia, Indonesia, Japan, Britain and Canada are also in this list.

All these countries have prepared a draft stating that the WHO did not work properly to handle the corona virus Covid-19. Because of which the corona virus spread all over the world. It is believed that the WHO has supported China in hiding the data and not giving correct information about Corona. Therefore, this investigation is important.

So far it has not been confirmed whether America is included in these 116 countries. No country is named in the draft made by the European Union and Australia. For this reason many countries have signed this draft. (Photo: AFP)

It has been written in the draft that strict action should be taken not to keep transparency in the investigation of the epidemic spread by China, whereas here it was the responsibility of the WHO to show its activism. At the same time, the WHO is also accused that it did not create adequate mechanisms to prevent the epidemic under the International Health Regulations 2005 rules. Neither implemented it.

There are five major points written in the draft against the WHO – The World Health Organization’s experiences and learnings about the Corona virus Kovid-19 epidemic should be independent, impartial and detailed. How much of the mechanism at the WHO level worked. How much International Health Regulations came into force and what is their status. How much does the WHO contribute to the work being done at the UN level. The Covid-19 must test the functions and timeline of the LAKIR WHO.

India has also supported this resolution of 116 countries. Sources reveal that India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has always supported the strengthening of the WHO. It has been said to stand with all member states and think extensively. (Photo: Reuters)

The purpose of this resolution is to show unity. To increase mutual support regarding medicines, screening and vaccine. So that diseases like Kovid-19 can be eliminated. To fight such diseases. Any kind of rumors can be avoided.

It has been said in the resolution that all countries should not be deterred in mutual help. Because no one is sparing this disease. Therefore, all member states should help in solidarity for other needs including medicines, screening and vaccine.