US MP said – Ban China and shift industry to India

America’s attitude towards China is becoming more bitter. Now a US Congressman has said that industries present in China should be shifted to India. So that an option can be prepared in the world besides China. In an exclusive conversation with India Today, these things were said by American Congressman and member of the Foreign Ministry Subcommittee, Ted Yoho.

Ted Yoho said that America’s first policy is to keep countries with a similar mindset. America is making a plan on how to remove its industries from China and establish them in India. Also, the industries that want to return to America should come back.

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Ted said that the latest example of this is that when the whole world needed the most PPE, then China gave up its hands. Due to this, the supply of the whole world was stopped. After this, we talked to your ambassadors, telling them why not shift the industry from China and bring it to India.

Ted said that we want to establish our industry in other partner countries like India as well. This will end China’s domination and we will get many options. In India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has run the Make in India program. In such a situation, if the industry arises from China and comes to India, it will get a big investment.

Congressman Ted said that the move would put economic pressure on China. Beijing will also be separated from the supply chain. Then we will shift our industries especially Livestock and API to India and similar countries. This will put economic pressure on Chinese President Xi Jinping and the Communist Party.

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Ted said that the world should break ties with China. Because the things that China says for the good of its people neither apply within the country nor with other countries. Now China cannot make our normal standard. I do not say that China should be like us or India, but at least instill the habit of respect, human rights, and humanity.

Ted further explained that America does not want only China to be called the factory of the world. It should also be included in developed countries. He should not get facilities in developing countries. Nor did he get any help from the World Trade Organization (WTO)

Ted said that China’s theory is that there cannot be two suns in the sky. One has to move. They want to see themselves as superpowers so that they can rule the rest of the world. Their aim is to keep the world at their fingertips on the strength of economic and military power.

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Ted asked the question of why China is building five warships. Why did he increase his defense budget by 6.9 percent? While China is fooling the world by hiding behind the tag of developing countries of the WTO. Now we have such a law that we can remove China from there.

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Ted said that it is true that China is the second-largest economy in the world. But it is still taking advantage of hiding behind the tag of developing countries. Now the world should stop supporting China.

America is preparing to impose a very strict ban on China. So that he can be punished for giving the wrong report to Taiwan, Hong Kong, South China Sea, and the World Health Organization. We are preparing to ban big banks in China.