US is reviewing to deploy troops in India to Counter China

Reviewing Deployment To Counter China Amid Threats To India, Others: US

“In certain areas, there will be fewer American support. There’ll be different places – I just spoke about the menace from the Chinese Communist Party, so now threats to India, threats to Vietnam, threats to Malaysia, Indonesia, South China Sea difficulties, the Philippines,” Mike Pompeo said.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Thursday, The US is evaluating its global deployment of troops to ensure it is attitudinized appropriately to counter the People’s Liberation Army, given the growing threat posed by China to Asian nations like India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Mr. Pompeo made these remarks in reply to a question during the virtual Brussels Forum 2020 of the German Marshall Fund.

Mike Pompeo said “We’re going to get sure we’re posed appropriately to counter the PLA. We think that the difficulty of our times, and we’re going to make positive we have support in place to do that.

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The force posture analysis is being done at the administration of President Donald Trump, as part of which the US is decreasing the number of its troops in Germany from approximately 52,000 to 25,000, he said.

Mike Pompeo said that the force posture would be interviewed by the ground realities. To the extent that that changed, the variation in what the US decided to do impacts negatively a threat someplace, it may be that other countries need to rise and take charge for their defense in ways that they hadn’t done before. So, we want to do this in full discussion with all of our partners all around the globe, and certainly our associates in Europe.

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President Trump is being analyzed for reducing troops from Germany. His analysts say that this will raise the threat from Russia to Europe.

Mike Pompeo, however, did not correspond with that discussion.

It has been a long time since there has been a vital review of our force posture all across the globe. The US undertook that rising about 2.5 years ago, whether that was our teams in Africa, our forces in Asia, the division we have in the Middle East, and in Europe, he said.

“We began to say these are often choices that were made at a different time. Should we reallocate those adversely? Should we have a different combination of those forces? Everyone always wants to talk about territory troops. I get it. I was a young tank officer. You explained that. There’s nothing I like as much as a good M1 tank.

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Mr. Pompeo said, “But it’s often the case that the ability to deter Russia or other enemies isn’t determined any longer by just having a bunch of folks protected someplace. So, we went to back essentially relook, what is the nature of the conflict, what”s the nature of the warning, and how should we allot our resources, whether that”s our resources in the intelligence association, our resources from the Air Force or the Marines and Army,”

Last week, Mike Pompeo scrutinized the Chinese Army for “escalating” the border pressure with India and militarizing the diplomatic South China Sea. He also represented the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) as a “rogue actor”.

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“Our broad collection of allocation of security equipment, our ability to counter cyber fulminations, how do we allocate them? What”s the best way to do this? And the conclusion that you see the president made about Germany is an outcome from a common set of decisions about how we”re going to display our resources around the planet,” said the top American diplomat on Thursday.

Changes in force posture are being taken in meetings with allies and friends, Mr. Pompeo said.

“President Trump has spoken to this. Defense Secretary Mark Esper will be in London today and in Brussels tomorrow. We’ll talk about our strategy and how we”re thinking about addressing it,” he said.

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“But you should know this, and I hope our European associates will understand this as well. When you see what we eventually conclude, how we ultimately deliver on the records of the president made, that they”re directed squarely at what we consider to be democracies” fundamental interest and certainly America’s most significant interest,” Mr. Pompeo said.

Earlier this month, Mike Pompeo had said that China’s activities, be it on the India border, or in Hong Kong or the South China Sea, were part of the way of the ruling Communist Party in Beijing in the recent past.

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China has been fast developing military and economic power in the Indo-Pacific region, triggering concern in various nations of the region and beyond.

China is involved in hotly contested territorial conflicts in both the South China Sea and the East China Sea. Beijing has mounted up and militarised many of the islands and reefs it commands in the region. Both fields are stated to be rich in ores, oil, and other natural resources and are vital to global business.

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