20k tons of diesel leak in Siberia, Russia

20 thousand tons of diesel leak from the power plant in Siberia, Russia, President Vladimir Putin announced emergency

  • Diesel leakage occurred at the power plant located in the city of Norilsk, about 2,900 km from Moscow.
  • Diesel flowed into the Ambarnaya river, trying to stop it from spreading further in the water

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On Wednesday, about 20,000 tons of diesel was leaked from the storage of a power plant in Siberia, Russia. In view of this, President Vladimir Putin declared Emergency here. Diesel flowed into the Ambarnaya River from the power plant located in the city of Norilsk, about 2,900 km from Moscow. 

The water of the Ambarnaya river comes from a lake whose water reaches the Arctic Sea via other rivers. An attempt has been initiated to stop the fuel from spreading into the river. For this, blockers have been installed in the river.

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The oil spill occurred on 29 May 2020 Friday. On recognizing this two days later, Putin expressed his displeasure at the authorities. The power plant from which the fuel has leaked is a unit of Norilsk Nickel. It is one of the world’s largest giants producing nickel and palladium. Putin also slammed oil company officials for failing to stop the leak on time. 

Why did the fuel leak from the power plant

The company Norilsk Nickel has stated that the leakage of diesel was given timely and accurate information. Oil began to leak due to the sinking of a pillar in the fuel tank and power plant. This plant is built on permafrost soil. It starts melting as the weather warms. This is the reason why the pillar in the plant started sinking. 

350 sq km area affected by the oil spill

According to the experts of the World Wildlife Fund, about 350 sq km of land is affected by this event. The area has been polluted. It has spread over a large part of the Ambarnaya River.

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In such a situation, its cleaning will be very difficult. This will adversely affect fish and other water resources. There is a possibility of a loss of 980 Million dollars from this.