South China Sea issue should be resolved under international law: Mike Pompeo

The US has welcomed the statement of ASEAN member states that the South China Sea issue should be resolved under international law. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave this information on Saturday.

Pompeo tweeted, “The United States welcomes ASEAN leaders’ request that disputes in the South China Sea be resolved in accordance with international law, including UNCLOS.” China cannot be allowed to consider the SCS as its maritime empire. We have to say something more soon on this subject. ‘

After the 36th ASEAN Conference, the member states issued a joint statement expressing concern over the ongoing situation in the South China Sea. ASEAN leaders emphasized security, stability, defense, and freedom of navigation in order to maintain and promote peace in the South China Sea.

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China is making a claim on a large part of the South China Sea on a historical basis, the leaders of ASEAN countries issued a statement against it. He said, ‘We reiterate that the United Nations Maritime Law Treaty, entered into in 1982, is the basis for determining maritime rights, sovereignty, jurisdiction, and legitimacy’.

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This international treaty defines the rights, demarcation, and special economic zones of the countries on the sea and gives the right to fishing and exploiting resources on this basis. The statement said that the United Nations maritime law treaty provided a legal framework under which all maritime activities should take place.

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This year Vietnam is leading the ASEAN Organization. they who have drafted this presidential statement which is not discussed but are sent to member countries for consultations. Explain that Vietnam has been vocal against China on the issue of the maritime dispute. China has taken an aggressive stance in recent years over claims over this strategically important maritime sector.