Putin will remain President of Russia till 2036 with 76% Support

  • Referendum campaign for a constitutional amendment in Russia completed on Wednesday
  • It lasted for 7 days, due to the Corona crisis, it took so long to vote in Russia for the first time

The referendum campaign for a constitutional amendment in Russia was completed on Wednesday. It lasted for 7 days. For the first time due to the Corona crisis, it took so long to vote in Russia. However, voting went online. Nearly 60% of the voters voted. The Russian people voted in support and retained to President Vladimir Putin (67) until 2036.

The results will come later, but the survey of government agency Vatsom is supporting Putin’s expansion of power. Accordingly, 76% of the people supported the amendment of the constitution. If the actual results are the same, then Putin will be president again for 6-6 years after the current term.

His term is scheduled to expire in 2024. Putin said that we are voting for the country for which we work and which we want to hand over to our children and grandchildren. 

Prime Minister was replaced by less experienced Medvedev

Putin brought a proposal to amend the constitution in January. After that, Prime Minister Dimitri Medvedev resigned at the behest of Putin. Putin made Mikhail Mishustin the PM with less political experience.

During the 2008 presidential election, Leader of the Opposition Alexei Navalani was challenging Putin by exposing corruption cases of ministers. Nawalani was then convicted by the Election Commission and her candidature was suspended.

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In 2015, former Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov, a staunch opponent of Putin, was shot and killed in Moscow. Nemtsov accused the Putin government of corruption worth crores of rupees. A week before his death, Nemtsov had said that Putin could kill him.

There are about 3,000 television channels in Russia. The channels have to ask the government to give news related to politics. It was issued by Putin within three months of coming to power.

Critics said the pressure was made for voting, illegal campaigning

Putin came to power in 2000. According to Levada, a private survey agency, Putin currently has a popularity rating of 60%. This is the lowest in his tenure so far but is up to Western standards. 

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Election watchdog group Golos said the online process of voting did not meet constitutional standards. There have also been cases of pressure for voting, disturbances in ballots, abuse of authority, and illegal publicity.