Protesters in Britain wrote Racist on Mahatma Gandhi’s statue

After the assassination of a black African-American citizen at the hands of a white policeman in Minneapolis, USA, the voice against racism has now reached other countries as well.

This statue of Mahatma Gandhi, established in 2015, is one of the 12 statues of prominent British, Commonwealth and foreign political figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill present in Parliament Square. The protesters also targeted Churchill’s statue and inscribed racist under his statue. 

Who was George Floyd whose death triggered violent protests in the US

The Black Lives Matter movement has created a spark in Bristol, southwestern England. Slavery was practiced in Bristol for a long time. A statue of Edward Colston, a local 17th-century slave trader, installed here in 1895 was dropped by protesters and thrown into the Avon River.

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This act of protesters was supported by Labor Party MPs, while several policemen were injured during demonstrations in London. Britain’s Home Minister Preeti Patel has described the incident of the busting of Colston in Briston as “absolutely disgraceful”, which has been widely criticized since. 

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Hindustan Times reported that former Chancellor Sajid Javid said, ‘I have grown up in Bristol. I know that Edward Colston profited greatly from slave trade. But, this is not right. If the citizens of Bristol want to remove a monument, they should adopt a democratic way for it and not do it like criminals. ‘

Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted, “People have the right to protest peacefully and follow social distancing but they do not have the right to attack the police.” These performances are far from what they should have been intended for. Action will be taken on those responsible for this.