People looted shops in Stuttgart City Center in Germany

“Police are currently obtaining clues and interrogating more than 20 people who have been temporarily arrested,”

In Stuttgart city center in Germany, hundreds of people created a fierce panic in the early hours of Sunday. Here the rioters threw stones and bottles at the police and then looted the shops by breaking the shop windows.

Officials in the southwestern city said in a statement “Police are currently looking for clues and interrogating more than 20 people who have been temporarily arrested,” adding that the violence has led to a dozen More policemen are injured.

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State Chief Winfred Kretchman Baden-Württemberg said in a statement “I strongly condemn the violence, these acts against people and goods are criminal actions that must be prosecuted and condemned.”

The region’s interior minister Thomas Strobe said the riots were “unprecedented”. The local MP of the Social Democratic Party, Sasha Binder, earlier described the violence as a “scene like civil war”.

Tension arose after midnight immediately after the police checked if people gathered near Schlossplatz, the city’s largest square. After this, the clashes started due to the sudden raging of the people, started breaking the police vehicles standing there with sticks and sticks.

Police estimated that the riots involved about 500 people, who along with neighboring Koenigrestse did not leave the shops and looted there too. The police called for additional military force and it took several hours to calm the atmosphere.

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In a video posted on Twitter, people were shown breaking windows of shops, which scattered the goods on the streets. According to regional broadcaster SWR, “a jewelry shop was completely emptied and a mobile phone shop was destroyed.” There was a violent clash between the police and the youth here last week.