Pakistan started fencing borders with Iran! why not with India?

The news of clashes between the soldiers of India and China at several places on the Undetermined Real Frontier (LAC) has been reported in the Indian media. But there is a limit on which no one has noticed the activities taking place.

On 8 May, six Pakistani security forces were killed near the border of Pakistan’s Balochistan province with Iran. His vehicle was blown up by an IED blast made through remote control. A Major rank officer was also among the Pakistani soldiers who died.

According to the Director (DG ISPR) of the Public Relations Department of the Pakistan Army, the team was on regular patrol in an area 14 km from the Pakistan-Iran border. This team was checking the possible paths of the extremists in this very difficult and hilly area.

Four days later, on 12 May, Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa made a call to Major General Bagheri, Chief of the Iranian Army. In this call, Bajwa expressed concern about the “recent extremist attack on Pakistani security forces that killed about 6 security personnel along the Pakistan-Iran border.”

He also told his Iranian counterpart that “Pakistan has started the work of border fencing, but this will require the cooperation of both sides”.

The next day, General Bajwa arrived in Balochistan’s capital Quetta to take stock of the situation. According to the ISPR, they were “briefed about the security situation, operational preparedness and border management including the fencing of the Pak-Afghan and Pak-Iran borders.”

But, why should India worry about Pakistan’s relations with its neighbors?

To know the answer, it is important to understand the geographical location of Pakistan.

Pakistan is surrounded by how many countries?

Pakistan borders with four countries. The smallest part of Pakistan’s border is adjacent to China and this border is 599 km long.

After this number comes Iran and it has a 909 km long border with Iran to the west of Pakistan. It is the area of ​​the entire Balochistan province.

Pakistan’s 2611 km long border is adjacent to Afghanistan. Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces are bordered with the Afghan border.

Pakistan shares the largest part of its border with India. Pakistan shares its border with India as an international border, working boundary and line of control (LoC). This border with India is 3,163 km long.

In such a situation, why is Pakistan prohibiting some parts of the border? And why is it forcing itself on its borders with only two of its four neighbors?

Who will benefit from the ban?

Salman Zaidi works as a program director at the Jinnah Institute in Islamabad. Zaidi says that it was never planned by Pakistan.

He says, “Less developed areas exist on both sides with Iran. Government control is loose in these places. Because of this these areas have become the bases of banned groups, smugglers and illegal activities.”

“There has been a discussion between Pakistan and Iran for the barricade for many years. It is because of the attacks on the government by anti-government elements on both sides of the border. But, recently Pakistan started taking more strict steps and unilateral tariffs Has announced to do. “

“Just 10 days ago, here the Senate announced a proposal of 3 billion rupees for the fencing of 950 km border. Both Iran and Pakistan agreed on the barricade and this allowed both sides to stop illegal movement and activities. will gain help in.”

Zaidi explains, “As far as Afghanistan is concerned, the discussion between the US, Afghanistan and Pakistan for more than a decade failed to create any strong security along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. Extremists in this area could easily move Huh.”

“The Afghan government was not ready to carry out border demarcation because they historically did not follow the Durand Line. Pakistan had to decide on a one-sided fencing because the Afghan government stopped extremists from crossing the border and carrying out attacks in Pakistan.” Has failed. This wiring will be completed this year. “

Why does Pakistan not make a border with China ?

Salman Zaidi says, “Pakistan’s border with China is not hostile. Despite this a large number of security personnel are deployed. There is a joint petrol here, but there is no question of barricade here. In Pakistan-China border Infiltration is not easy either. There are also many other problems including daily wage laborers here. “

Why does Pakistan not wire its border with India?

After all, Pakistan has fought wars with India over this, there are disputes between the two countries over many issues and at the same time it accuses India of intruding to create internal instability.

Pakistan’s ISPR did not provide any answers to these questions.

Zaidi explains the view of Pakistan in this matter. He says, “The reason behind the fencing is security problems. India has made the fencing so that what it calls infiltration can be stopped.”

“When India made the decision of the barricade, Pakistan did not object to this. But, the responsibility of protecting the territory and population is now on India. It cannot raise the question of infiltration from across the border because India itself has is.”

On the other hand, experts in India say that there is a message hidden in the footsteps of Pakistan.

Former army chief General Bikram Singh explains, “It is clear that Pakistan is trying to reduce the risk of its borders with Iran and Afghanistan. The ease of infiltration through these borders has led to extremist attacks. . “

He says, “Pakistan does not feel the need for an embargo with India because India is a responsible democratic country and does not encourage extremists to harm Pakistan.”

Sanjeev Krishnan Sood, former Additional DG of the Border Security Force of India (BAF), says, “Pakistan does not accept any kind of infiltration. There is no intrusion or other malicious activity from India. If it had to be done, the intruders whom it sends across the border will be much easier to catch for India. “

In December 2018, the Ministry of Home Affairs of India had said that the government has planned to have borders only with Pakistan and Bangladesh.

India also shares borders with Myanmar, China, Nepal and Bhutan.

According to the data, according to the Ministry of Home Affairs, out of 2,289 km long international border with Pakistan, the work of 2004 km border has been completed.

According to former Additional DG Sanjeev Krishnan Sood, “India has made a fencing and this has enabled Pakistan to see our patrol movement because it requires opening the gates and going ahead of the barricades to dominate the area at night. We have to pay this price to stop it. “The Indian Army has launched an anti-infiltration operation near the 740 km long Line of Control near Pakistan. Stekl system is fitted (Aaios).

Sood says that the idea of ​​border fencing in India first came up in the eighties.

He said, “It was then thought that this measure is necessary to stop the infiltration of the extremists and because of their limited capabilities the BSAF will not stop the infiltration.”

In such a situation, will Pakistan ever tighten its border with India? We do not know the answer to this.

Although the Pakistan Army does not answer this question, but according to Zaidi, they have not even heard of any such proposal.