600k people infected in 230 Cities with COVID-19

China was showing the world the figure of control of Corona. The same figures have been proved wrong by China’s own military university. And the figures that have come out now are shocking.

  • Military University opened China’s pole
  • China got in trouble due to military report
  • Corona has spread to a total of 230 cities in China
  • Corona affected the number of people close to 600k

The whole world was shocked. Was surprised that after all how did China that produced Corona become so free from its clutches? Why Corona cases in China stopped suddenly between 80 and 85 thousand. But now a figure from inside China has opened the pole of China.

According to data released by the Military University of China, there are about Six fifty thousand patients of Corona in 230 cities of China. That is, China was hiding the truth of half a million people till now.

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China is true or false. Before going into this debate, you look at the figures. This is a chart of Corona virus cases in China. This chart starts from 22 January. Then there were about 500 cases of Corona here.

After this, the figure reaches 80 thousand by 1 March. That is, 75 thousand new cases are added in the next 40 days. About 2 thousand cases per day. Up until now everything was fine. Doubt begins to happen next.

By March 1, the figure was 80 thousand in China, it was only 83 thousand by May 20. That is, during these last 80 days, only three thousand cases of corona in China increased. That is, on an average, every day the cases were increasing by 2 thousand from 22 January to 1 March.

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His count suddenly got stuck on an average of just 35 cases per day. Was this really true or is the truth something else? So listen, the new revelation from inside China has completely exposed the lies of China about the number of patients of Corona.

Which China was showing the world the figure of control of Corona. The same figures have been proved wrong by China’s own military university. And the figures that have come out now are shocking. According to data from the Chinese Military University, corona has spread to about 230 cities in China. Not only this, the number of corona patients in China has also crossed 600k.

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This data is important because it is not the data of any foreign or external agency. Rather, it is derived from its own military university in China. Then the question is that if Corona was causing havoc in China and six fifty thousand people had come under its control.

So why did China hide these figures? Why did he hide the real picture of Corona from the world. It is also important for the world to know the real statistics of China because it can reduce the time it takes to make its vaccine and its treatment.

If you look at the Corona figures around the world, India is currently at number 11. While China at number 13. Corona cases in India are approaching 1.25 million. Whereas for about two and a half months, China’s figures are only between 80 and 85 thousand.

There can be only two reasons for this. For the first time either China has overcome the corona. The second one is either hiding the real data. It is obvious that the Corona vaccine has not yet been made. And if the corona cases were to be controlled by the lockdown. So why did these matters not stop in the whole world. Why only stay in China?

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What is happening inside china Its information is equally difficult to come out. Taking as much entry as Kim Jong Un’s country. The world only knows as much as China wants to tell.

Therefore, these figures of China produce strength. But now China’s National University of Defense Technology i.e. NUDT data has exposed its lies. It is said that the most reliable data in China is only with the National University of Defense Technology. Whom the world can trust.

Now the question is that even if China is hiding the Corona cases here, then what is the problem with the world? Actually, the matter is that if the real cases of corona virus were found in China, then this information could prove to be effective for the governments of other countries, for doctors and for scientists.


Because these figures would help them in making the strategy ahead. Since this virus originated from China itself. Therefore, it is possible to know how this virus affects people. How many people can be infected. Because its infection is still growing very fast in many countries. Which includes India.