Israel wants to completely capture West Bank


  • Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has said in a big statement that he will include the rest of the West Bank in his country.
  • Israel captured parts of the West Bank during the war in the Middle East in 1967

There has been a conflict between Israel and Palestine over the years over the West Bank. But now it seems that Israel is in the mood to end this whole matter. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has made a big statement saying that he will include the rest of the West Bank in his country.

Since then the political earthquake has come. Allies of Israel have also come out in opposition to this decision of PM Benjamin. The Palestinians, on the other hand, believe that the entire West Bank belongs to them and they have widespread international support.


The people of Palestine are constantly demanding that they are returned to the West Bank. They describe this as the most important part of their future independent country. Netanyahu directly cited a friendly relationship with US President Donald Trump, saying that the time had come that Israel had a ‘historic’ chance to rebuild the Middle East map and squander it.

Do not want to. He told members of his conservative Likud party that he would step in on the matter in July. ‘This is an opportunity that we will not let go. It is now believed that this statement of Netanyahu may increase Israeli differences with Arab and European allies. At the same time, the dispute between the parties in Israel can be deepened even in America.

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Prime Minister Netanyahu further said that to this day there has not been a greater ‘historic’ opportunity to completely capture the West Bank. This is the first such occasion since the country was founded in 1948. Let us tell that during the war in the Middle East in 1967, Israel occupied parts of the West Bank.

After this, around 500,000 Jews settled there. However, it was never formally declared an Israeli territory due to international pressure.EU foreign policy chief Josep Borel said after Netanyahu’s statement that such an occupation would violate international law and use all diplomatic capabilities to prevent it.

On the other hand, the Arab country Saudi Arabia has also opposed this and the Arab League has also called it a ‘war crime’. Apart from this, Jordan and Egypt are also opposing it.