Iran issues warrant against Donald Trump, seeks help from Interpol

Iran has issued a warrant of arrest against 35 people including US President Donald Trump and has sought help from Interpol in this matter.

News agency Reuters quoted Iran’s Fars News as saying that Iran’s government lawyer Ali al-Qasim Mehr has given information about it.

Iran has issued this warrant on the charge of killing its military commander General Qasim Sulemani.

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General Qasim Sulemani, the head of the Iranian Quds Army, was assassinated on January 3 in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, by a US drone strike.

America says that General Qasim Sulemani was behind the attacks on US military bases in Gulf countries.

Iranian government lawyer al-Qasim Mehr said the arrest warrant has been issued for murder and involvement in extremist action.

He said that Iran has appealed to Interpol to issue a Red Corner Notice against Trump and other associates allegedly involved in the murder of General Qasim Suleimani.

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Al-Qasim said that 35 people include many military and civil officers of the United States, but he did not give any detailed details of this.

He said that even after Trump’s presidential term ends, Iran will remain behind this matter.

In November this year, there is a presidential election in the United States, where Trump is against Joe Biden of the Democratic Party.

The assassination of General Qasim Suleimani brought Iran and America very close to the military struggle. After the assassination of General Qasim, Iran also launched missile strikes on US military bases in Iraq.

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