Who was George Floyd whose death triggered violent protests in the US

On one hand, there is a havoc of the Coronavirus in the whole world, while on the other hand, America is battling a period of violent demonstrations along with fighting Corona. After the death of a black citizen George Floyd, there are frequent demonstrations in America, this demonstration has also become violent. The situation is that curfew has been imposed in many cities including the capital Washington.

In fact, on May 25, the US police took a black citizen George Floyd off the cab and lobbed him on the ground and stabbed his neck, causing his death. Later the video of this incident went viral on social media. Since then, there have been demonstrations all over America. Let’s know who was George Floyd after whose death the world’s superpower America burned.

According to a BBC report, George Floyd, a 46-year-old black citizen, belonged to the African American community. George Floyd, born in North Carolina, lived in Houston but moved to Minneapolis in connection with work. George worked as a security guard in a restaurant in Minneapolis and lived in the same restaurant owner’s house for five years by paying rent.

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George has a six-year-old daughter who lives in Houston with her mother. George was known as ‘Big Floyd’. George loved the city of Minneapolis, leaving Houston to come to Minneapolis for new opportunities.

George Floyd was detained by police on May 25 outside a store in Minneapolis. He died after this. In the video released on the day of detention, he was arrested by a white police officer, Derek Shovin. A police officer who has stabbed George’s throat has been charged with third-degree murder.

According to the police, George was accused of trying to buy from a shop through a fake note of $ 20 (about 1500 rupees). Police said that George physically resisted the arrest, after which force was used.

Here people came on the streets demanding justice for George. Demonstrations have been held in about a dozen cities in America. In the state of Minnesota, protesters set the police station on fire. An emergency had to be announced in the state. The protesters demanded that the policemen should be arrested and a case of murder should be registered against them.

Demonstrations have been taking place in more than two dozen cities of America for several days. According to news agency AP, President Donald Trump had to go to a bunker when hundreds of people started demonstrating outside the White House in Washington. However, officials later said that their security was not threatened. It has been written in the Guardian report that Trump had to ‘flee’ and take refuge in the bunker.

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George’s death has once again sparked an argument between blacks and whites in America. In America, black people have been victims of harassment and prejudice for a long time. After the video went viral, 4 policemen were removed from their jobs and an investigation was announced.

A round of reactions also started after this incident. Regarding the incident, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said that if George had been white, he would have been alive today. At the same time, former President Barack Obama said that such an incident should not be common in 2020 America.