George Floyd Protests: Series of Broken Statues

Recently, after the death of a black man George Floyd in America, protests against racism have started all over the world.

Protesters protesting racism in England have demolished the statue of Edward Colston, a merchant who bought and sold slaves in the 17th century. The protesters immediately immersed it in the deep waters of a port.

Edward Colston is believed to have taken 80 thousand men, women and children from Africa in his ships. But in his hometown Bristol, his statue continued as an honor for centuries. Bristol had benefited greatly from his wealth.

On Sunday, the government condemned the incident for the demolition of their idol, but the protesters said that their action is a symbol of change.

Historian David Olusoga told the BBC, “Such statues say that he was a great man and did many great things. But this is not true. He was a slave dealer and a murderer.”

The worldwide demonstrations against racism have suddenly started to throw light on the colonial history of the cities and the bargaining history of the slaves. Especially those who represent this business.

Henry Dundas

In the Scottish capital of Edinburgh, people sprayed and painted slogans like George Floyd and BLM (Black Lives Matters) at a memorial commemorating a political leader who took a late step to end slavery. The 150-foot (46 m) Melville Monument on St Andrew Square in Edinburgh was built in 1823 in memory of Henry Dundes.

henry dundas statue

Dundes was one of the most influential politicians in the country in the 18th and 19th centuries and was also called the ‘uncrowned king’. He is said to have taken very slow steps to end slavery. If he had shown pro-action about the amendment bill brought to end slavery, this practice would have ended in 1792 itself. Because of them, there was a delay of 15 years in implementing the law to abolish slavery. Thousands of people have signed a petition to demolish their memorial.

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Because of the demonstration demanding the removal of this monument, the officials announced that a memorial plaque will be installed here, which will mention the relationship of this city with slavery.

Edinburgh City Council leader Adam McVey told BBC Scotland, “We need to tell our story and make sure people understand the role of Edinburgh in the history of the world. Not just the part that we are proud of but that Even the part about which we are ashamed.

King Leopold-2

In Belgium, people are demanding to break the statues of King Leopold-II, who ruled the country for the longest time. Online petitions are being shared in support of this and thousands of people have signed them. Some anti-racist protesters have taken direct action in this matter.

Robert E Lee

In the Ghent city here, a red-painted vessel was given to the statue of this king of colonial times. A cloth was tied over the head, which read, “I can’t breathe”.

Recently a black citizen George Floyd was killed at the hands of a white cop in the US when the policeman pressed Floyd’s neck with his knee. Before death, Floyd was on the ground saying, “Leave my throat. I can’t breathe”.

Since this incident, the whole of America has been burning in the fire of demonstrations. The impact of these demonstrations is being seen in other parts of the world.

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In Belgium, protesters set fire to another statue of this king in Antwerp. The authorities later removed it from here. They told that this idol has now been sent to the museum. One of his idols in Brussels was written as ‘Assassin’.

King Leopold-II ruled Belgium from 1865 to 1909. But he was notorious for his atrocities in the Republic of Congo. Between 1885 and 1908, the Emperor of Europe’s smallest country made the Republic of Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo) his colony. In earlier times it was known as Congo Free State.

He transformed this country into a huge labor camp and earned immense wealth from the rubber business. Those who raised their voice against the slavery of the workers were often shot.

He ordered his soldiers to collect the hands of the slain. It is said that Leopold established his rule by killing at least one million people of Congo.

He placed the people of Congo in Human Zoo of Belgium. He was forced to relinquish his hold on the Congo Free State. In 1908 Congo was liberated from them, but this country did not get independence from Belgium until 1960.

Some people are protesting the removal of the statues of King Leopold-2. He says that Belgium was so rich because of King Leopold. During his time the Belgian business economy was a tremendous success.

Robert E Lee

The Virginia province of America is removing the statue of General Robert E. Lee. It was damaged by protesters during a protest against the death of George Floyd.

Announcing the removal of this 12-ton statue installed in 1890, Governor Ralph Nordam said, “Now we have stopped telling people the false details of history. This statue was here for a long time. Was wrong and it is still wrong to let it stay here. That’s why we are removing it. “

This was the fifth Confederate statue on the Avenue in Richmond, the province’s capital, on which protesters chanted slogans. They also included slogans like ‘Stop the White Supremacist’.

Robert E. Lee was the Commander of the Confederate States Army, a supporter of slavery in the American Civil War between 1861 and 1865. It was a union of southern states.

Lee married into a wealthy family in Virginia, serving slaves. Later, after the death of his father-in-law, he took leave from the army and started handling his property. He faced resistance from the slaves who were agitating for liberation. He had taken many steps to crush their movements.

Documents show that he encouraged the tremendous beating of slaves who tried to escape. They are accused of ruining many slave families. Many people in America see Lee as a symbol of the history of atrocities and slavery against the country’s slaves.

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Many more Confederate statues were damaged by protesters, including statues of Lee. Many believe that these idols should not be removed because they belong to the makers of American history. He is being called the creator of the culture in the southern states.

Winston Churchill

In London, the statue of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was damaged and protesters wrote ‘racist’. Churchill is praised for helping Britain win in the Second World War.

The British government website called him “an inspiring politician, writer, speaker, and leader”. In a BBC survey in 2002, he was described as the greatest British man ever. But to some, he is a controversial figure. People consider him a controversial person because of his views about race.

Richard Toye, co-author and historian of the forthcoming book ‘Churchill Myths,’ states that “Churchill certainly believed that white people are superior. He stated this openly. Churchill made indecent comments about Indians.” He used to say that they are animals, their religion is also of animals. They have said similar things about the Chinese. I can count many of their statements. “

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Toye says, “It needs to be understood that Churchill’s Victorian background dominated him. But I believe that his ideas about race were not influenced by just this one thing as they changed over time. “

In an interview with the BBC in 2015, the author of ‘Churchill: The End of Glory’, John Charmley, said that Churchill believed in a hierarchy of racism. That is, if someone believed that a breed is superior, then someone is below it. According to Churchill, Protestant Christians are at the top. White Catholics after that. Indians are above Africans.

In 1937, Churchill told the Palestine Royal Commission, “I do not believe that there was an atrocity on the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia. It also does not condone the oppression of those people because a strong, high, and worldly Came with a well-understood breed and took his place. “

Churchill was also criticized for his remarks against Jews and Islam. In 1943, he received notoriety for not interfering during the great famine in Bengal. 20 lakh people died in this famine.

Churchill’s grandson Sir Nicholas Soames said that his grandfather was of Edward’s age and spoke the same language.

Christopher Columbus

There is a lot of violence in America these days. Since the death of a black in police custody, blacks across America have taken to the streets and are committing violent incidents.

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS – JUNE 10: A statue depicting Christopher Columbus is seen with its head removed at Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park on June 10, 2020 in Boston, Massachusetts. The statue was beheaded overnight and is scheduled to be removed by the City of Boston. (Photo by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images)

Amidst the Corona crisis, another serious problem has arisen in front of America. A few weeks ago a black policeman named George Floyd died in America by a white policeman. American blacks saw it as a blow to the freedom and equality of their race and community.

Since then, all blacks have started arson and looting even in the time of dangerous epidemic like the coronavirus. More than 40 big cities in America have caused riots. Meanwhile, angry protesters broke the statue of Christopher Columbus, the traveler who discovered America
Christopher Columbus and set it on fire.

Columbus statue set fire

In the city of Richmond, US, protesters broke the statue of Christopher Columbus and set it on fire. Then they threw him into a river. This incident has raised questions on the law and order of America and the discipline and tolerance of American citizens all over the world. Explain that the protesters had gathered at the Bayard Park in the city and less than two hours after that the statue was uprooted.

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93-year-old statue damaged

The whole of America has been stained by the picture of America in this incident all over the world. Earlier, these rioters also broke the statue of Mahatma Gandhi. Furious at the killing of blacks, these protesters do not even know that Mahatma Gandhi is given the credit for giving blacks their rights all over the world.

It is noteworthy that the idol that the rioters targeted was about 93 years old. The statue of Columbus was installed in Richmond, US in December 1927 and was the first statue of Christopher Columbus in America. All the protesters, fueled by the assassination of blacks, are bloodied and they are eager to go to any extent. US President Donald Trump was also targeted by making an excuse for equality in these rioters.