Chinese Ambassador to Israel ‘Found Dead at Home’

China’s Ambassador to Israel Du Wei has died at his home in the capital Tel Aviv.

According to Israeli media reports, 58-year-old Du Wei’s body was found on his bed. The cause of Du Wei’s death has not yet been revealed.

In February this year, Du Wei was appointed as China’s ambassador to Israel. Earlier, he was the Chinese envoy to Ukraine.

He was married and also has a son. But it is believed that his family does not live with him in Israel.

He lived in Herzliya, a suburban area of ​​the capital Tel Aviv.

Talking to the news agency Reuters, a spokesman for the Israeli police said that the police team has reached the occasion and is doing its work.

Medical sources in an Israeli news channel have said that there are currently signs that Du Wei died in a sleepy state.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was severely criticized by the Chinese ambassador’s office on Friday as he condemned China in its recent Israeli visit to combat the corona virus.

The Chinese response to the Jerusalem Post stated that China described Pompeo’s statement as ridiculous and denied that China had initially tried to hide the corona virus.