Chinese Aircraft infiltrate Taiwan

China has threatened Taiwan that it will be attacked if it is not ready for integration. Since then, Chinese aircraft have infiltrated three times in a week in Taiwan, but they have to face every time.

For years China considers Taiwan as its share. But Taiwan has its elected democratic government. However, due to the opposition of China, Taiwan could not find a place in many international institutions.

According to Reuters, a similar effort was made by Chinese military planes on Tuesday and their J-10 aircraft entered Taiwan’s air range. Taiwan also drove the Chinese military plane away.

Earlier in the same airspace, on Tuesday, SU-30 fighters had entered the plane of Taiwan and were given a warning. These aircraft were planes with advanced technology in China.

Thereafter on Friday also, the Chinese Y-8, propeller aircraft based reconnaissance aircraft entered Taiwan’s air rage, which was driven by Taiwan by a warning.

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Let us know that China had threatened last month that if Taiwan is not ready for integration then it will be attacked. Li Zhuocheng, a member of China’s Central Military Commission and head of the Joint Staff Department, has said that if there is no other way to prevent Taiwan from being liberated, China will attack it.

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