China: will attack if Taiwan is not ready for Integration

China has threatened that it will be attacked if Taiwan is not ready for integration. Li Zhuocheng, a member of China’s Central Military Commission and head of the Joint Staff Department, has said that if there is no other way to prevent Taiwan from becoming independent, it will attack Taiwan.

Li Zhuocheng is a very senior general in China. It is quite rare to make such a statement on behalf of a person in China. Li said these things on Friday in Beijing’s Great Hall of the Public.

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Li Zhuocheng said- ‘If the path of integration ends with peace, then the Chinese army will take necessary action against the separatists by taking the entire country along (including the people of Taiwan).

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The head of the Joint Staff Department, Li Zhuocheng, said that we are not promising to use security forces. We are keeping this option in reserve to control the situation in Taiwan.

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Li was speaking at the 15th anniversary of China’s Anti-Secession Law. This law gives China the legal authority that military action can be taken when Taiwan tries to separate.

This statement by Taiwan’s senior general comes at a time when China is implementing the National Security Act to gain full control of Hong Kong.

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For years China considers Taiwan as its share. But Taiwan has its elected democratic government. However, Taiwan could not find a place in many international institutions due to China’s opposition.