Two BJP MPs joined in swearing-in of Taiwan’s President, China provoked

  • Two BJP MPs joined the swearing-in of Taiwan President Cy Ing-wen via video conferencing 
  • China asked India to refrain from interfering in its internal affairs  

Two BJP MPs attended the swearing-in of Taiwan President Cy Ing-wen through video conferencing. Fueled by this, China has asked India to refrain from interfering in its internal affairs.

The President of Taiwan was sworn in on Wednesday. BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi from Delhi and Rahul Kaswan, MP from Churu in Rajasthan participated in it through conferencing and congratulated her for a second term.

Indian Government Support Taiwan & Oppose China for its One Country Two System Policy

There were 92 celebrities from 41 countries. 92 celebrities from 41 countries participated in the swearing-in ceremony of Sai Ing-wen through video conferencing. Apart from two MPs from India, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was also involved in these.

The Chinese diplomat has lodged a written objection that China has objected in writing to the lawmakers joining Taiwan’s presidential program.

Chinese Ambassador’s counselor Liu Bing in New Delhi has expressed written objection, asking India to refrain from interfering in its internal affairs. In the complaint, the Chinese diplomat says that congratulating Ing-wen is wrong.

BJP MP defends his decision

BJP MP Kaswan has defended Taiwan’s participation in the program. He said the move was in line with India’s continued stance. He says that the facts have been twisted. Kaswan said, “I sent a congratulatory message to the President of Taiwan, which I feel is not a violation of India’s stand on this subject.” China told Taiwan government separatist

China has not taken the names of the two MPs in its complaint, but the Foreign Ministry says that their country hopes that everyone will support the Chinese people’s opposition to the separatist activities being carried out for Taiwan’s independence. We will also understand national integration.

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China is not putting up with its antics China is putting up tents in Ladakh in Indian territory. China made inappropriate comments on India’s internal matter regarding changes in the provisions of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution.

He is also angry over the decision to make Ladakh a union territory. Despite India’s objection, it is building an economic corridor in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. He is preaching to India himself, amidst attempts to interfere in India’s internal affairs.