China occupied 4.1 million sq km of Land of 6 Countries

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China’s policy of grabbing the territory / China occupies 41.13 lakh sq km of land in 6 countries, this is 43% of its total land, India also has 43 thousand sq km of land with it

As soon as Communist rule came in 1949, China annexed Tibet, Eastern Turkistan, and Inner Mongolia; Hong Kong 1997 and Macau occupied since 1999

The country, apart from the land, claims China’s claim on the sea as well, claiming the 3.5 million square km the South China Sea, Artificial Island has also been built here.

China is the largest country after Russia and Canada. The total area of ​​China has spread over 97 lakh 6 thousand 961 sq km. China has a 22 thousand 117 km long border with 14 countries. It is the first country in the world, whose borders meet most countries, and with all these countries, there is some kind of border dispute of China.

6 Countries that China Occupied or Claimed

China must have seen 6 countries in eastern Turkistan, Tibet, Inner Mongolia or Southern Mongolia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. These are the countries that China has occupied or tells their share. The total area of ​​all these countries is more than 41 lakh 13 thousand 709 sq km. It is 43% of the total area of ​​China.

Eastern Turkistan

China occupied eastern Turkistan in 1949. China refers to it as the province of Xinjiang. Muslims constitute 45% of the total population here, while 40% of Han are Chinese. Uygar Muslims are believed to be of Turkic origin. Like Tibet, China has declared Xinjiang as an autonomous region.


On 23 May 1950, thousands of Chinese soldiers attacked and captured Tibet. Tibet is the second largest province in China after eastern Turkistan. 78% of the population is Buddhist.

In 1959, China invited the Tibetan religious leader the Dalai Lama to come to Beijing without a bodyguard, but his supporters surrounded him so that China could not arrest him. The Dalai Lama later had to take shelter in India. This was also a reason behind the India-China war in 1962.

Southern Mongolia or Inner Mongolia

China occupied Inner Mongolia after the Second World War. In 1947, China declared it autonomous. Inner Mongolia is China’s third-largest subdivision by area.


China and Taiwan have a different relationship. In 1911, the government of Kuomintang was formed in China. Civil war broke out here in 1949 and the Communists led by Mao Tse Tung defeated Kuomintang’s party.

Kuomintang moved to Taiwan after the defeat. In 1949, China was named ‘People’s Republic of China’ and Taiwan’s ‘Republic of China’. Both countries do not recognize each other. However, China claims that Taiwan is also its part.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong was previously part of China, but in the war with the British in 1842, China lost it. In 1997, Britain returned Hong Kong to China, but it also signed a ‘One Country, Two System’ agreement, under which China agreed to grant Hong Kong political independence for the next 50 years. The people of Hong Kong have got special rights, which the people of China have not.


Macau was under Portuguese occupation for some 450 years. In December 1999, the Portuguese transferred it to China. While transferring to Macau, the same agreement was reached with Hong Kong. Like Hong Kong, China has given political independence to Macau for 50 years.

How much of India is occupied by China?

In the Lok Sabha’s reply on 11 March this year, Minister of State for External Affairs V. Muralitharan had said that China claims 90 thousand square kilometers of Arunachal Pradesh. Whereas, about 38 thousand square km of Ladakh is under Chinese occupation.

Apart from this, on 2 March 1963, under an agreement between China and Pakistan, Pakistan gave 5 thousand 180 square km of PoK to China.

China has a major stake in 18 out of 30 unicorns of India

If considered, the area that India currently occupies is not as much as that of Switzerland. Overall, China has occupied 43 thousand 180 square km of India, while the area of ​​Switzerland is 41 thousand 285 square km.

Not only the country or the land but it also asserts its rights on the sea

Since the formation of the communist government in 1949, China continues to occupy other countries and regions. China borders 14 countries, but a report states that China gives its share to 23 countries.

Not only this, but China also asserts its authority over the South China Sea. This sea between Indonesia and Vietnam is spread over 3.5 million square km.

The picture on Taiwan’s website, Lord Ram targets China dragon

The sea is surrounded by Indonesia, China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Brunei. But, except Indonesia, all the 6 countries on the sea claim their own.

Until a few years ago, there was no tension about this ocean. But, about 5 years before today, ships digging in the sea of ​​China, with brick and sand, reached the South China Sea.

The port was first built on a small sea strip here. Then the airstrip for the landing of airplanes. And then on seeing this, China prepared an artificial island here and made it a military base.

When questions arose on this work of China, he claimed that his connection with the South China Sea is more than 2 thousand years old. This sea was formerly occupied by Japan, but soon after the end of the second world war, China asserted its right.

Know which countries have a dispute with China and why?

Apart from India, countries like Vietnam, Hong Kong, USA, and Australia are also angry with China’s trickery

China’s spirit of repeated rioting is old. On the scale of international relations, except for a few countries, relations with other countries have been disputed, especially with their neighbors.

The biggest controversy at this time is about the origin of coronavirus. Apart from this, the border dispute with India, trade war with America, talk of autonomy of Hong Kong, or the ongoing dispute about the South China Sea, China everywhere shows its character. Some such big disputes, which China is still surrounded by.

India: The dispute between India and China has been going on for many years. Violent clashes exposed China’s face, despite official-level talks in Pangong Lake and now Galvan Valley in remote Ladakh.

India China Clashes on LAC: 20 Causalities on the Indian Side

America: Amid the ongoing dispute between the two countries over trade and technology, the US targeted China for the virus. China also accuses the US of instigating Hong Kong.

Hong Kong: China wanted to implement the National Security Act there, but the US and Western countries opposed it. Hong Kong was once under Britain. He had assigned Hong Kong to China on the condition of autonomy.

Taiwan: China has always claimed sovereignty over Taiwan, a democratic-ruled country. But the Taiwanese President, re-elected with a heavy vote, has rejected China’s claims that only Taiwanese people can decide its future.

Xinjiang: Many countries including the US have criticized the treatment of Uygur Muslims in China’s western province. The US House of Representatives passed a bill enforcing the ban against officials responsible for the oppression of Uygurs.

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Canada: China arrested two Canadian citizens soon after in 2018 when Canada detained Meng Wenzhou, the daughter of Huawei’s founder. There is a deadlock between the two countries.

European Union: Recently, the foreign ministers of the European Union decided among themselves that they would strengthen their strategy towards China. The union report accused China of spreading misinformation about Corona.

Australia: Troubles with Australia came in 2018 when Australia banned Huawei from its 5G broadband network. China is also angry with Australia for demanding an impartial inquiry into Corona.

South China Sea: The South China Sea is a region rich in energy sources and there are many disputed claims in this area of ​​China that clash with the claims of the Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Taiwan. This area is also an important trade route. The US has alleged that China is trying to increase its presence in the region.

Huawei: The United States has expressed security concerns about China’s large telecom company Huawei. It has warned its friendly countries not to use its mobile network.

China released white paper: No Late Reporting to COVID-19 to World

Coronaviruses: Many countries, including the US and Australia, have demanded that China be proven accountable for the way it failed to stop coronaviruses.

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