Explosion in oil tanker 10 killed and 117 injured

The explosion in oil tanker on a highway near China / Wenling city; 10 killed and 117 injured

  • According to local officials, the explosion damaged nearby houses and factories
  • According to police, the highway was closed due to caution, many people are still stuck there

An oil tanker exploded on the highway on Saturday near Wenling city in China’s Zhejiang state. At least 10 people were killed and 117 injured in the accident.

According to local officials, the explosion damaged nearby houses and factories. Some cars and other vehicles were also damaged. After the explosion, smoke spread in the vicinity of the highway.

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According to police, the highway has been closed due to caution. Many people are still stuck there. Rescuers are busy evacuating people. The cause of the accident is not yet known.

The debris from the tanker flew and fell on the surrounding houses

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Many videos related to this are being shared on social media. In one of these, the noise of people is heard and the fire is seen coming out of the tanker.

Government TV channel “CGTN” also posted a video of the incident. It is seen that the debris of the tanker flew over the surrounding houses.

There are more road accidents

Traffic rules in China are often broken. Here these rules are not strictly followed. This is the reason why road accidents happen here.

According to officials, in 2015 alone, 58 thousand people died. Last year, a tire-laden truck accident occurred in eastern China, killing 36 people and injuring 36 others.

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Local officials said the truck overturned after the explosion. Some houses and factories adjacent to the Shenyang-Kaikou Expressway collapsed due to the blast near Liangshan village in Wenling city at around 4.40 pm.

According to the official Xinhua Dialogue Committee, firefighters and rescue workers were among the possible missing people under the debris.

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Lu Fungne, who works at a nearby restaurant, told Xinhua that he heard a loud voice and felt it to be someone’s tire burst that is often heard on the expressway, but people soon exploded into WeChat groups Started sharing the news.

Several nearby cars and other vehicles also caught fire after the blast. Due to the accident on the highway, many roads had to be closed.

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