China has encroached on 64 hectares of Nepal’s land

Nepali Congress said- China merged Nepal’s share in Tibet, sought response from Oli government

Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is the target within his party, now the main opposition party Nepali Congress has also attacked him.

The Economic Times has published a news report prominently on the second page that Nepal’s Prime Minister Oli has been severely attacked by the main opposition party Nepali Congress for mixing Nepal’s land in China.

The newspaper wrote in its report, “When Oli released the new political map of Nepal, the main opposition party Nepali Congress supported it. In this map, some areas of India have been described as part of Nepal. But now the Nepali Congress has strongly criticized Nepal’s incorporation of land into China. The crisis of the Oli government within the country is constantly increasing.

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The Economic Times wrote in its report, “The Nepali Congress has demanded from the Oli government that China should take control of the parts of Nepal under its control.” The Nepali Congress has said that the Oli government should talk to China and pass a resolution in Parliament about it. In a letter sent to the government by the Nepali Congress, it has been said that China has encroached on 64 hectares of land in Dolkha, Humla, Sindhupalchowk, Gorkha, and Rasuva districts.

According to this report of the newspaper, the Nepali Foreign Ministry has termed the report of China’s encroachment as baseless. Nepali Congress has said that China has shifted pillar number 35 in Gorkha towards Nepal.

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China has encroached on the village of Rui in the northern part of the Gorkha district. It has 72 houses of Nepali families moved to autonomous Tibet under Chinese control. Similarly, 18 houses of Jiuzu in Dharchula district have also become victims of Chinese encroachment.

The Nepali Congress has said that there is a 1414.88 km long border between Nepal and China. There are a total of 98 pillars in such a long-range. Some of these pillars are missing and some have been shifted to Nepal. According to the proposal of the Nepali Congress, China has committed this encroachment in Dolkha, Humla, Sankhuwasabha, Rasua, Sindhupalchowk and Gorkha districts.

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In May, China started mobilizing army and arms on Indian border

Navbharat Times has prominently placed the Indian Foreign Ministry statement on the front page on the India-China tension. The newspaper has written in its report that India has held China responsible for the tension on the border. A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry said in his statement, “On the outskirts of the beginning of May, China began to deposit its troops and weapons.”

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Only after getting information about this, India increased the deployment of its soldiers in retaliation. China is not following agreements to maintain peace. The Chinese army had interrupted the patrolling of Indian troops in the Galvan Valley in early May but was resolved by ground commanders. But later China tried to change the status quo and the situation deteriorated. ”