Already available antiviral drug can speed recovery from patients with Coroanvirus: study

Researchers claim that already available antiviral (virus-fighting) drugs can speed up the infection-free pace of Covid-19 patients.

Researchers claim that already available antiviral (virus-fighting) drugs can speed up the infection-free pace of Covid-19 patients. This study can help reduce the epidemic worldwide. According to this study published in the journal ‘Frontiers in Immunology’, the use of interferon (IFN) – etubi drug can significantly speed up the speed of eradicating the virus from the body. Scientists at the University of Toronto, Canada are among the scientists studying the study.

Researchers under this study assessed the effect of the drug on a group of 77 Kovid-19 patients in Wuhan, China. Scientists have found that this drug has been in use for many years and this can reduce the duration of virus survival in the upper respiratory tract by about seven days on average. Eleanor Fish, lead author of the study at the University of Toronto, said, “I argue that instead of making antivirus for every new virus infection, we should first use interferon drugs for treatment.”

Corona Virus Vaccine: Oxford University Succeeded

Fish said that interferon drugs have been used for many years for treatment, so the strategy should be to “use them for a different purpose” in severe virus infections. They reported that ‘interferons’ are a group of proteins produced in the human body in response to all viruses. These are molecules that help in communication between cells and tissues. The study notes that interferons work by targeting different stages of the virus’s life cycle, preventing the virus from growing and helping to increase the activation of immunity.

Scientists claim – antibodies are made in all patients recovering from corona, it is wrong that only serious patients do this

  • Researchers from Mount Sinai’s Icon School of Medicine revealed in a study report of 1343 patients
  • Antibodies are not only severely infected, but also in patients with mild symptoms and early symptoms.
  • Till now, the doctors were only considering the right corona-infected patients to be treated properly for plasma treatment.

The most concrete option the Corona epidemic has brought to the world so far is Plasma Treatment. If a person has a corona once and he recovers after treatment, then antibodies (immune system) develop in his blood. If plasma is removed from the blood of such a person and given to another corona patient, then there is a hope of recovery. 
However, scientists are still assuming that only patients who are severely corona infected are suitable for plasma treatment, because antibodies are not produced in the blood of patients with mild symptoms and early symptoms. But researchers at the Icon School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, found in a study of 1343 corona-infected patients that this is not the case at all. Antibodies are produced not only in severely infected but also in patients with mild symptoms and early symptoms. Therefore, blood of these people can also be taken for plasma treatment.

It’s like a ray of hope in the darkness

Virologist Florian Kramer, who submitted this study report, says it is like a ray of hope in the dark, because no one has an answer as to how long the corona vaccine will develop. Till then plasma treatment can cure corona infected patients. This method will have a big contribution of those who have developed antibodies in their body. Let us know that this study was posted online by Kremer’s team on Tuesday (May 7), but it has not yet been reviewed by experts.

Those who have recovered from infection can return to work

  • Virologist Angela Rossmussen at Columbia University, New York, says that the concept of antibodies in corona-infected patients has so far been based on age, sex, and level of severity of infection, but this report has proved that Given that it is not so.
  • In fact, antibodies develop in most infected people. There is a very good correlation between antibodies and their ability to neutralize viruses. Because antibodies are able to destroy the pathogens of coronaviruses (the agents that play a key role in spreading infection).
  • The study also said that anyone who has recovered from the infection can safely return to work. However, it is not clear how long such people will be healthy. Or whether there is a possibility of them getting infected again. 

Plasma can also be given to patients with mild and early symptoms 

  • According to Dr. Annia Wegenberg, included in the team of researchers, more than 15 thousand infected patients were included to make this project report. There were 3 percent of Corona’s serious patients who were admitted to the hospital. The remainder were only mild or moderately symptomatic.
  • The team tested 624 people and found that 511 were severely infected, 42 mild and 71 very mild patients. Antibodies were definitely developed in all. Researchers said that testing time for antibodies can greatly affect results.
  • Dr. Annia Wegenberg says that ‘if this report is recognized during the review, not only the patients who are cured, those with mild and early symptoms can also contribute to plasma treatment and millions of infected people in the world can be cured. is.

Antibodies not found in 62% of studies on 719 patients

  • The researchers included 719 people suspected to have Kovid-19 in their study, but did not have symptoms of the disease. Researchers in this group found a completely different picture. 62 percent of these people did not develop antibodies in the blood. Some of them were also tested after their illness to detect antibodies.
  • Researchers found that many probably mistook influenza disease as corona. Dr. Wazenberg stated that “I think everyone in New York thinks they were coronated and after recovering they developed antibodies, but that’s not the case.”

Were they previously corona infected or had influenza?

  • Florian Kramer states that patients who had mild or early symptoms were reinfected after 14 or 28 days. This showed that a well-developed severely infected patient develops antibodies. But it has become clear in my study report that people who got infected again after few days.
  • Actually those people were not corona infected at first. Such patients were infected with influenza or other disease, which had healed and people thought that they had beaten the corona, the immune system would have developed inside them. Now the question is also arising that those who are getting infected again, were they corona infected earlier or they had influenza?
  • Indeed, in March, many countries in the world, including the US, had limited means of examining the corona. Initially those who had fever or cold were also reported to be corona infected. Such people are later getting infected again. Whereas those who are truly infected with the corona, even if they are severe, mild and have early symptoms, must have developed antibodies after recovering.