A loud voice from Australia in Favor of India

Strong shock to China, Australia came out in favor of India; a Loud voice from Australia in Favor of India

Australia’s High Commissioner Barry O’Farrell emphasized that China is unilaterally trying to change the status quo in the South China Sea.

The boycott of China on the international stage has intensified. China is becoming isolated all over the world. Australia has come out in favor of India.

Australia’s Ambassador Barry O’Farrell said on Wednesday that India and Australia are following the rules and regulations established after World War II, but China is not doing so.

The High Commissioner of Australia emphasized that China is trying to change the status quo unilaterally in the South China Sea.

This is not in accordance with the consensus and negotiations made on this subject. In his address at the Vivekananda International Foundation, he said that India and Australia have common concerns.

He said that China has made good development but with strength comes responsibility. In the post-World War II period, there is a need to safeguard the rules and arrangements made for peace, stability, and prosperity.

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O Farrell said, “Unfortunately, there is reason for us to worry that Beijing is not dedicated to this as much as we are following this format.”

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