Harbhajan raging on Shahid Afridi said – I will pick up the gun for the sake of the country

Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi recently visited an area of ​​PoK and once again ranted Kashmir. Afridi also made fierce statements against India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Indian cricketers have given a befitting reply to this act of Shahid Afridi. After Gautam Gambhir, now off-spinner Harbhajan Singh has also taken a dig at Afridi.

To spew venom against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Harbhajan Singh has lashed out at Shahid Afridi fiercely. Speaking to India Today , Harbhajan Singh said, ‘Afridi has crossed all his limits.’

Taking a dig at Shahid Afridi, Harbhajan Singh said, ‘It is very disappointing that Shahid Afridi is making such vile things about our country and the Prime Minister. It will not be tolerated at all.

Let us know that recently, Harbhajan Singh and Yuvraj Singh had appealed for help for the foundation of Shahid Afridi in the wake of the Corona virus fight, after which both Indian players were trolled.

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Harbhajan Singh remembered those things and said that I was born in this country and will die in this country. I have played cricket for my country for 20 years and have won many matches for India. No one can say that I have done anything against my country.

Harbhajan Singh said, ‘Today or tomorrow, if my country needs me anywhere, even if on the border, I will be the first person to carry a gun for the sake of my country.’

Harbhajan Singh said, ‘Shahid Afridi has crossed all limits with his displeasure in PoK. To be honest, Shahid Afridi asked us to appeal for donations for his foundation. For humanity, we did this for the people suffering from Corona virus.

Harbhajan Singh said, ‘Even our Prime Minister has said that the corona virus is a battle that goes beyond borders, religions and castes. So we asked them to help them.

Harbhajan Singh said, ‘But this man (Afridi) thinks inferior about our country. All I have to say is that we have nothing to do with Shahid Afridi. He has no right to speak poorly against our country and he should remain in his country.

Harbhajan Singh said, ‘The chapter of his relationship with Shahid Afridi has now closed. A person asked me to appeal to humanity, and I did my job. Now I have no relation with any Shahid Afridi from here.