809 wicket-taking bowler works for 13 hours to raise a family

809 wicket-taking bowler works for 13 hours on the road, also sells chips to raise a family

One such bowler (Former New Zealand bowler Ewen Chatfield), whose name was once famous all over the world, today spends 13 hours on the road for money.

A cricketer whose speed and swing of the ball used to blow the senses of good batsmen. A bowler whose exact line-length took the test of good batsmen, the bowler who took 809 wickets in his cricket career, the player today spends 13 hours on the road to raise a family.

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We are talking about former New Zealand fast bowler Ewen Chatfield, who has played 43 Tests, 114 ODIs for New Zealand, which is almost 70 years old. Not only this, but he has also participated in 157 first-class matches and 171 List A matches. Let us tell you the story of Evin John Chatfield.

Evin Chatfield’s career

Ewen Chatfield’s strength was his control of the ball. Chatfield took 180 wickets in 43 Tests and 118 wickets in ODIs. Chatfield took 809 wickets throughout his career. Chatfield was part of the New Zealand team that won the Test series at their home against strong teams like England and Australia.

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Chatfield, along with the true Richard Headley, wreaked destruction on many of the world’s legendary batsmen. In February 1980, Chatfield created a sensation when he dumped a strong team like the West Indies in a three-day match. Chatfield took 6 wickets in the first innings and 7 wickets in the second innings against the West Indies.

Serious head injury

The test career of Chatfield (Ewen Chatfield) ended in a very painful manner. Chatfield, who made the Auckland Test against England in 1974–75, went on to bat at number 11. England fast bowler Peter Lever threw him a bouncer.

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Chatfield played the shot and the ball took the edge of the bat and went straight to his head. Chatfield fainted as soon as the ball hit him, he could not breathe. After this, Physio Bernard Thomas of England pressed his chest and breathed in his mouth when he came to his senses. Despite such a serious injury, Chatfield played cricket for 14 years.

Having retired from such a family

After retiring in February 1989, Ewen Chatfield did small jobs to raise a family. New Zealand cricket players do not get as much money as Australia, England, and Indian cricketers. Because of this, Chatfield had to work in a store selling chips. Before this job, he also coached the team of Hut Valley Association, but after his merger with Wellington, he had to resign from this post.

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After this Chatfield (Ewen Chatfield) drove a milk van, even he became a courier boy. Today, Chatfield is a taxi driver. He drives corporate cabs on the streets of Wellington. Chatfield’s drive cabs on the road for about 13 hours. Whatever sports journalist goes to New Zealand, he hits the road from Chatfield to Wellington.