America Create History after Crew Dragon Demo-2 returning to Earth

A new chapter in the history of space travel began on May 30, when two NASA astronauts, Bob Behnken (49) and Doug Hurley (53), from US Earth, the international spacecraft of the spacecraft Dragon Crew capsules created by Elon Musk’s company SpaceX Station (ISS) sent.

Both astronauts reached the ISS on 31 May after traveling for nearly 19 hours. The company owner Elon Musk’s enthusiasm after the mission was worth seeing. Let it be said that this is the first time that a private company has launched astronauts in collaboration with NASA. SpaceX’s spacecraft took off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida via a Falcon 9 rocket.

However, now astronauts Behnken and Hurley are preparing to return to the coast of Florida. With his return, this phase of flight testing to send humans to space will be completed.

1. Where can Dragon Crew capsule land?

NASA and SpaceX are preparing to land a demo crew of a demo-2 test flight off the coast of Florida. Seven places have been selected for this, where the vehicle can land. These seven possible locations are in the coastal areas of Pensacola, Tampa, Tallahassee, Panama City, Cape Canaveral, Daytona, and Jacksonville.

2. How were these locations chosen to land the Dragon Crew capsule?

The place is chosen by day and time to bring passengers aboard the Dragon Crew capsule back to Earth. Also, all possible options and opportunities for landing are taken into consideration. Priority is also given to the fact that the weather at the descending location of the capsule is not subject to adverse conditions. 

It is also emphasized that when the capsule is unlocked from the ISS, the journey from space to Earth takes the least time and the time of day is there when the capsule enters the Earth’s atmosphere. That is, in the least time of day and favorable weather, the Dragon capsule will be launched at the most favorable place on earth.

3. How long will it take astronauts to return to Earth?

After exploring all the possibilities and opportunities, both astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley sent back to space, which may take six to 30 hours to return to Earth.

4. How will the astronauts return? What are the challenges in this?

The withdrawal process will begin with the crew dragon undocking from the ISS. The Dragon capsule will weigh around 27,600 pounds at undocking. During this time the entire process will be live coverage by NASA.

The first two small engines will start immediately as soon as the Dragon capsule is separated from the ISS. The Dragon capsule will then carry out the entire process of return on its own. It will distance itself from the ISS by driving the engine four times to make a comeback. Shortly thereafter, it will take itself to the class scheduled to return.

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After this, the engine will start once again to come out of orbit fixed for the return and after burning the fuel the dragon will separate itself from the trunk. This trunk will burn to ashes as it enters the earth’s atmosphere. After this, once again the spacecraft will take itself on the return path from the fixed orbit so that it can land on the designated space. After the above process is complete, the weight of the Dragon capsule will be around 21,200 pounds.

5. How fast will the dragon capsule return to Earth, and how hot will it be when it enters the atmosphere?

During Crew Dragon’s return, it will have a top speed of around 17,500 mph. While the maximum temperature will be 3,500 degrees Fahrenheit. Communication is interrupted when the vehicle enters the Earth’s atmosphere, which continues for about six minutes.

6. When will the parachute open?

The Dragon capsule has two sets of parachutes. The first of these will open when the Dragon capsule is at an altitude of 18,000 feet to reduce speed upon entering the Earth’s atmosphere. The Dragon capsule will have a top speed of 350 mph at this time. After this, a set with four main parachutes will open at an altitude of six thousand feet. During this time the dragon capsule will have a speed of 119 mph.

7. Who will take the Dragon capsule out of the water?

After landing at one of the selected seven locations, the SpaceX personnel will pull the Dragon capsule out of the water. There will be two ships on the spot for this work, one of which will be an explorer and the other a navigator. 

They will carry out this work in the coastal areas of Florida. Or there will be a ship that will have more than 40 employees, including engineers from SpaceX and NASA. These would include spacecraft engineers, trained divers, physicians, ship crew, NASA’s cargo experts, and others.

8. How long will astronauts come out of the capsule?

Soon after the dragon capsule enters the water, two boats will move towards it rapidly. One of these boats will check if there is any break in the dragon capsule or if there is any other problem. When everything is normal, the Dragon capsule will be pulled out of the water by ship. While the second boat will search for the parachute that came out of the vehicle and take it out of the water.

After this, the main vessel will move forward and the crew will begin to bring the Dragon capsule to the main deck. Once the capsule arrives at the recovery vessel it will be opened by placing it in a stable position to open. During this time, medical professionals will also be present to provide medical help to both the astronauts. This process will take approximately 45 to 60 minutes to complete. However, this will depend on the time capsule and sea conditions.

9. Where will the two astronauts go after coming out of the Dragon capsule?

Both astronauts will be taken to the onboard medical room soon after the dragon comes out of the capsule. This process is similar to the one adopted by the crew of the Soyuz in Kazakhstan.

After the initial medical examination, both the astronauts will be taken either by ship or by helicopter to shore. This may take 10 to 80 minutes, depending on the distance of the capsule from the landing place in the water. This distance can range from 22 nautical miles to 175 nautical miles.

Both astronauts will be flown to NASA’s Ellington Airport via NASA aircraft as they return to shore. Explain that this is where NASA operates its airplanes.

10. What will happen next?

Meanwhile, the Dragon capsule will be moved back to SpaceX’s Florida-based center for investigation and other procedures. Will check the data and performance of a team. Which will authenticate the approval of further campaigns? The process of this certification will take about six weeks.

The first operational mission crew after the completion of the certification process is NASA Kennedy in Florida, with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) mission specialist Soichi Noguchi, along with Dragon Commander Michael Hopkins, pilot Victor Glover and mission specialist Shannon Walker (all of NASA). The crew-1 mission will be launched from Complex 39A of Space Center. Four crew members will spend six months at the space station.

America going to create history

NASA and SpaceX’s Dragon Crew have left for the Earth from the International Space Station. With this, two American astronauts who went into space will return to Earth. At the start of this process, NASA said that we are very excited about this comeback and wish for the SpaceX Dragon Crew to arrive safely.

Two NASA astronauts who went into space from SpaceX’s Dragon capsule are returning to Earth today. Astronauts Bob Behnken (49) and Doug Hurley (53) have separated the Dragon capsule from the space station and are now heading towards Earth. SpaceX and NASA are going to land an astronaut directly into the ocean for the first time in 45 years.

The space agency NASA has given information by tweeting that SpaceX Dragon Endeavor has left space and is coming to Earth. NASA then made another tweet saying that the Dragon Crew capsule has exited the approach ellipsoid around the space station and is in a safe place.

Explain that NASA is giving live coverage of this entire process of bringing astronauts back to Earth. NASA has also shared a video on its Twitter handle. In it, he wrote that the SpaceX Dragon capsule is moving downwards and is in front of the space station’s orbit. Our crew’s journey to Earth continues.

Cyclone Isias moved towards Florida’s coastline, while the process of bringing the Dragon Crew capsule to Earth is underway. On the other hand, the threat of cyclone Issyas has also increased in the coastal areas of Florida. Cyclone Isias caused havoc in the Bahamas on Saturday morning and has now moved towards Florida.

Astronauts may have a slight landing problem due to the cyclone. In view of this, the storm is being closely monitored. The cyclone is expected to hit the east coast of Florida.

This mission is very important for America, let us tell that after 2011, for the first time, America has sent a manned mission to space. NASA left the mission on May 30 from Kennedy Space Center. The astronauts have been at the International Space Station since May 31. During this time, apart from walking in space, he has also done many experiments.