Weibo & Wechat Deleted PM Modi & Foreign Ministry Statements

Chinese social media sites deleted statements on PM Modi and Indian Foreign Ministry’s border dispute

The comment was removed from the Indian Embassy’s official account, with a message in a place that WeChat wrote ‘This content cannot be viewed due to violation of rules’

Officials of the Indian Embassy in China said that two Chinese social media sites, including Weibo, have deleted the speech given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Chief Ministers’ meeting on June 18 and the remarks of the spokesman of the Ministry of External Affairs. 

Chinese social media sites have taken this step at a time when 20 Indian soldiers have died in violent clashes between China and Indian soldiers in the Galvan Valley of East Ladakh on Monday and further tensions have increased between the two countries.

Indian Embassy officials said that the remarks of Anurag Shrivastava, the spokesman of the Ministry of External Affairs, were removed from the embassy account on ‘Saina Weibo’ on 18 June. He said that after this, Indian authorities republished the screenshot of Srivastava’s remarks on June 19.

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Saina Weibo is like Twitter and is used by millions of people in China and the embassies of various countries in Beijing. Many leaders of the world including Prime Minister Narendra Modi have created their account on this social media site to communicate with the Chinese people.

The Indian embassy spokesperson’s comment was likewise removed from the official account of the embassy on WeChat. Instead, there was a message in which WeChat wrote that ‘because of the violation of rules, this material cannot be seen’.

Srivastava had said in his statement that China should confine its activity to the Line of Actual Control (LAC) within its jurisdiction and should not take any unilateral action to change the situation as such.

Prime Minister Modi’s comment on the martyrdom of Indian soldiers in Galvan Valley on June 18 is also not available on WeChat. It has been written on the page that ‘this material has been removed by the author’, while embassy officials said that they have not removed it.

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It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Modi said that the martyrdom of Indian soldiers will not go in the Galvan Valley of Ladakh. He said that India wants peace but is also capable of giving a befitting reply on provocation.

Thousands of people follow Weibo and WeChat page of the Indian Embassy. The Embassy of India started the Weibo page earlier, while the Embassy of WeChat Group was created in January this year. 

Modi created an account on Weibo during the 2015 China tour and continues to communicate with the Chinese public through it. However, no recent military skirmish posts have been posted on this account.

It is noteworthy that on Monday night, 20 Indian soldiers, including the Colonel, were killed in violent clashes between Indian and Chinese soldiers in Galvan. China admitted that its jawans were also casualties in this skirmish, but it did not give the number of casualties.

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