Uttarakhand’s forests Fire

Five hectares of forest cleared due to fire, strong wind in Uttarakhand’s forests

Forest fire in Uttarakhand: A fierce fire broke out in the forests of the Srinagar area of ​​Uttarakhand on Saturday. Due to strong wind and hot weather, it has become impossible to control the fire and the fire is spreading.


  • Fierce fire in the forests of Pauri-Garhwal district of Uttarakhand
  • 5 to 6 hectares of forest burning due to a severe fire in Srinagar area
  • Every year, in the summer months, forests are covered, forests become blue
  • Last year itself, 2104 km of forest was destroyed in a wildfire.

Pauri-Garhwal On

Saturday, a fierce fire broke out in the forests located in the Srinagar area of ​​Pauri-Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. Due to the strong heat and sunlight, the forest in Uttarakhand’s forest areas catches fire.

The fire is spreading rapidly due to the strong wind. At the same time, grass and wood have dried up in the forest due to strong sunlight, due to which the fire is spreading very fast.

Local forest officer Anita Kunwar said, “5-6 hectares of forest have been affected and burned to ashes. The fire could not be controlled due to the strong wind. Still more teams are being called to extinguish the fire. ‘

2104 hectares of forest burned last year

The cause of the fire is not known. Usually in the summer, there is a fire in the dry leaves and grass fires of the mountainous areas, which on seeing it mixes large forests in the blanket.

One such fire was reported last year, in which more than two thousand hectares of forest in Uttarakhand was found in ashes.

This fire is reminiscent of 2016. In 2016, 4,538.21 hectares were burnt by the forest fire. The destruction of the forest fire is nothing new.

Since Uttarakhand was formed in 2000, 44,518 hectares of forest have been burnt in the fire. Despite this, fire extinguishing measures have proved inadequate.

Orgy of fire in Uttarakhand, no relief for many days to come

In Uttarakhand these days the forest fire is taking a gigantic form. There were reports of a fire in more than two dozen places in Pauri, Almora, Nainital, and Champawat districts.

For the last 19 days, the state has been under heavy fire. At the same time, there is no information about relief from a fire in the coming days.

The fire has created a fury in Uttarakhand. Millions of forest wealth have been washed away. In Uttarakhand, where Char Dham Yatra is at its peak these days, a huge fire in the jungles of the Yatra Marg has made people living.

Along with humans, wild animals and animals are also greatly disturbed by this fierce fire. On the other hand, effective efforts are not being made by the forest department to control the fire.

Fire and smoke have encamped all around the state. In Uttarakhand, the fire has created such a furor for the last 19 days that there are many problems in the journey route.

The Meteorological Department has also made it clear that the temperature will increase further. Which will increase the risk of fire? This means that in the coming days the incidence of fire may increase further.

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The hills of Devprayag considered the first Prayag in Uttarakhand, are also not untouched by the wrap of fire. The forests of Char Dham Yatra Marg are burning.

Due to the fire, more than 100 people living on the other side of the hill are trapped in the village, who have no one to take care of. Only when the fire is extinguished will they be able to reach the main road.

Also, it has become difficult to see because of the smoke. The locals are angry with the negligence of the forest department because no forest department employee is present there to control the fire.