US to Reduce Military in Europe to deploy in South East Asia

India, China tensions: India is reducing military in Europe due to threat from China: US Secretary of State Pompeo

Everyone was keeping an eye on how India is seeing India-China tension, but the statements of US President Donald Trump and Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo on the whole controversy were not very encouraging for India. But what Mike Pompeo said on Thursday is considered very important.

Mike Pompeo said in the Brussels forum that in view of the increasing threats from China to India and South-East Asia, the US has decided to reduce its military strength from Europe. US President Donald Trump had recently announced that the US would reduce its military strength in Germany. The European Union expressed displeasure with this decision of President Trump.

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Pompeo said that the action of the Chinese Communist Party is a threat to India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and the South China Sea. The US Secretary of State said, “We want to be sure that the People’s Liberation Army of China is ready to face it.” We feel that this is the challenge of our times and we are going to ensure that our preparation is complete. ”

The danger of china

The US Secretary of State said that neighboring countries are at risk from China and America’s eye is on it. Pompeo said that the US is going to talk to the EU about the dangers of China. The US Secretary of State spoke openly on China’s economic policy, which involved bloody clashes along the Indo-China border, interference in China’s South China Sea and allegedly harming others.

Pompeo said that the Trans-Atlantic Alliance will help China build a common understanding of the dangers.

Pompeo said that the EU and the United States need to work together on China’s threats so that any action can be taken together. He said that Europe has always been accused of being liberal about China.

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Mike Pompeo was also asked whether the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei is also a part of the Chinese surveillance state? In response to this question, Pompeo said, “China’s security personnel work in the headquarters of this company. Under Chinese law, Huawei can give any data on demand. This company also gives personal data on the demand of the Communist Party of China.

American logic to reduce military from Europe

In Germany, America is going to increase its army strength from 52,000 to 25,000. Pompeo said on this decision of the United States, “In some places, the number of American soldiers will be reduced so that where there is more need, we can face the threats. I am talking about the dangers of the Communist Party of China. India is at risk from China, Vietnam is at risk.

Apart from this, the challenges are increasing in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and the South China Sea. Areas have now increased for security. In the decision of America, there is also an eye on those areas where the risks of China have increased. We want to talk about this among our partners.

Trump has been criticized for reducing the army in Europe. His critics say that this will increase Russia’s risk in Europe. However, Pompeo is not supported by this argument.

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He said that it needed to be reviewed for a long time. The US Secretary of State said that there was no long-standing review about the presence of the US military around the world.

Pompeo said, “Such decisions are taken at different times. Should we not review military deployment strategically? We should think about the dangers and the seriousness of the conflict. We have to see how serious a threat is and accordingly, we have to use our resources. Whether these resources are intelligence or airforce or marines.

India’s responsibility to reduce tension with China

Meanwhile, the Chinese Ambassador to India Sun Weidong has put the responsibility of reducing tension on the border in India’s interview to news agency PTI. The Chinese ambassador said that India and China are capable of resolving their differences but its responsibility lies in India. He said that there is a need to avoid complicating the situation. The Chinese ambassador said that the situation is stable and in control at the border.

For the last six weeks, Indian and Chinese forces have been face-to-face in many areas of eastern Ladakh. Even on June 15, 20 Indian soldiers died in a violent clash between the forces of the two countries in the Galvan Valley.

The Chinese Ambassador said that mutual respect and support is the solution to the issue. However, he also said that the responsibility of reducing tension rests with India and not on China.

The Chinese ambassador said, “China and India are big developing countries. Both countries with a population of more than one billion are emerging economies. Both countries are working on development.

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As far as the tension on the border is concerned, it is the responsibility of India and not China to reduce it. The Indian Army crossed the Line of Actual Control and attacked the Chinese Army. The Indian Army violated the border agreement.

However, India has dismissed these allegations of China outright. Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Shrivastava has said that China is responsible for this because his army had tried to change the status quo. Anurag Shrivastava had said that the Chinese military had violated bilateral agreements.