Railway Contract was given to China company in 2016 canceled

The contract was awarded to a Chinese company in the year 2016 but after 4 years, only 20 percent of the work was done. In such a situation, the Railways has canceled the contract of the Chinese company.

Railway company DFCCIL has canceled the contract awarded to the Beijing National Railway Research and Design of Signal and Communication Group of China. This company had a contract worth Rs 471 crore for the 417 km and telecom of Kanpur-Deen Dayal Upadhyay railway section.

The Chinese company was showing negligence in work despite the receipt of this contract, becoming negligent about the technical documents required under the contract agreement.

Apart from this, many times the engineers of the Chinese company were found to be unfulfilled at the place of work. The Chinese company had not entered into agreements with local agencies due to which the work could not proceed. Not only this, but the Chinese company also could not even procure the goods required for work.

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In every meeting with the officials of the Chinese company, this matter was being raised but despite this, the work was not going forward. Even after 4 years, only 20 percent of work was done.