Pakistan gets blowout from Saudi and UAE in OIC, India gets support – Press Review

In the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), an organization of Islamic countries, Pakistan tried to surround India on the charge of Islamophobia but many member countries supported India.

According to the Economic Times newspaper, apart from Maldives, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates have also supported India on this issue.

Many member countries have supported India in the allegations of Pakistan promoting Islamophobia on India. According to the newspaper, it can be seen as an important part of India among the Islamic countries apart from the growing trade relations with Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Oman, India’s strategic partner and trusted friend, has also called it an internal issue of India in the OIC. According to the newspaper, many other countries involved in the OIC have not yet responded to Pakistan’s allegations.

Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Munir Akram, recently claimed in an online meeting of the OIC that India is actively promoting Islamophobia.

But Maldives rejected Pakistan’s claim and said that India is the world’s largest democracy and there are more than 200 million Muslims living there and in such a case it is factually wrong to accuse Islamophobia and such accusation of South Asia Are fatal to religious harmony.

Maldives had said that the propaganda being run on social media cannot be projected as the intention of India with a population of one billion 30 crore. Maldives said that India has developed strong relations with the Islamic countries of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan and Palestinians in recent years.

Maldives said that these countries have also honored Prime Minister Modi with the highest honor of his country. Maldives also said that all countries of South Asia, including Pakistan, need to work together and Pakistan should adopt a slightly liberal attitude.

Maldives is one of the countries within the OIC that has been opposing Pakistan’s line against India for the past few years. Since the change of power in Maldives in 2018, India’s relations have softened.

Earlier, the government was closer to China. India is an important country in the Indian Ocean. Recently, India sent medical supplies carrying Kovid 19 to Maldives, Mauritius, Madagascar and Comoros via a Kesari vessel.

Teacher suspended for speaking in favor of Pakistan

According to a report published in the Indian Express, a private school in Gorakhpur has suspended a teacher for speaking in favor of Pakistan in online class.

The school administration has issued a show cause notice to the teacher and asked them to answer it within a week. In addition, the school administration has also given all information related to this matter to the district administration.

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According to the newspaper, the teacher, who is teaching English grammar, posted some “Pakistan letter taking sentences” to explain the meaning of the noun to the children in the WhatsApp group.

On the other hand, the teacher says that “to convince the children during their studies, they had pasted a few sentences from the Internet without reading them. After this, immediately apologized for realizing their mistake.”

Learn India from these four cities

Amidst growing cases of Corona virus infection across the country, the central government has identified four cities and said that other ways in which the other cities can learn a lot from their methods of tackling the Kovid-19 epidemic. These four cities are Jaipur (Rajasthan), Indore (Madhya Pradesh), Chennai (Tamil Nadu) and Bengaluru (Karnataka).

According to the newspaper Hindustan Times , for the past few days, the central government has been constantly meeting with the municipal bodies to understand how to cope successfully with the ever increasing data of infection and how to reduce the death rate due to Kovid-19. can be placed.

India spreading corona awareness through transport

After these meetings, the government has now said that better work has been done in Jaipur and Indore to control the high rate of infection. At the same time, Chennai and Bangalore are two such big cities which have been able to reduce the deaths due to Corona.

In Jaipur and Indore, door-to-door survey and contact tracing have been done to detect the infection from the administration. Along with this, vegetable and fruit vendors have also been fixed in the mohallas for this to not increase the matter further. Also, sanitation of milk shops and other shops was also arranged.

At the same time, in Chennai and Bangalore, the rate of death from this has been only one percent among the increasing cases of infection. This is lower than the national average, which is around three percent. According to the central government, the treatment of patients can be learned from these two cities.

The court gave Natasha and Devangana Sent in police custody for two days

A Delhi court granted bail to two women belonging to the Cage break group who were arrested by the police for their role in the protests of the Citizenship Amendment Bill. However, the police later arrested him in another case.

According to a report on the front page of the Indian Express , the court said that section 353 of the IPC imposed on them (prohibiting government servants from performing their duties, attacking them) does not apply in this case and “these people only Were opposing the CAA and NRC “.