Modi will address the Nation at 4 Today after baning 59 Chinese app

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will give his address to the nation today, this will be at four o’clock in the evening. This address is very important between the increasing pace of Coronavirus cases in the country and the ongoing dispute with China.

  • PM Modi’s address to the nation today
  • PM’s speech will be broadcast at four in the evening

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will again address the nation today, amidst the fast pace of Coronavirus cases in the country and the ongoing dispute with China in Ladakh. 

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This information was given by the Prime Minister’s Office on Monday night, according to which the Prime Minister will address at 4 pm on Tuesday. Now everyone’s eyes are on what the PM will convey in his address. PM Modi has already addressed the country during the Corona crisis.

Advice on Corona’s Rising Speed, Unlock 2?

The number of cases of coronavirus in the country has crossed five lakhs and is rapidly increasing to 6 lakhs. Meanwhile, on Monday, the Central Government has also issued instructions for Unlock 2, which will be applicable from July 1. 

Some more relaxation has been given in these instructions. In such a situation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inform the country about caution in unlocking and being alert about the corona, it will remain on watch.

The dispute continues with China in Ladakh

Let me tell you that the ongoing dispute with China in Ladakh since May is not yet over. In the clash of 15 June, 20 soldiers of the Indian Army were killed, after which the matter became even more heated. Now today the armies of the two countries will talk among themselves.

The Chinese Army PLA has not yet retreated from the LAC, while India is adamant about enforcing the situation before April. Meanwhile, in view of China’s threat, the number of soldiers on the border has increased, the Air Force is also fully active. In such a situation, there will be an eye on whether the Prime Minister will say anything special on the issue of China.

Virtual strike on China

Anger is growing all over the country about China and people are talking about the boycott of Chinese goods so that China can be hurt financially. Meanwhile, on Monday, the central government banned China’s 59 mobile apps, including TikTok in India.

Facebook | Telegram | Twitter | Tumblr | Reddit | YouTube

The security reason behind the banning of these apps was stated because it was alleged that these apps were stealing India’s data. However, this was being speculated and demanded for a long time. Meanwhile, amid the ongoing dispute with China, the government killed the hot iron.