Locusts attacked India

Locusts from Pakistan have added to India’s woes. The attack of locusts in Rajasthan’s capital Jaipur has ruined crops spread over millions of hectares this year.

These locusts did not spare Jaipur either. On Monday, lakhs of locusts were seen in the herd in Jaipur, due to which people are upset. These grasshoppers, who have traveled thousands of miles, have reached Jaipur via Saudi Arabia – Pakistan.

Locusts Attack on India

This locust group has already destroyed crops spread over at least 500000 hectares of land in western and eastern Rajasthan. Districts like Sri Ganganagar, Jaisalmer, Barmer, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Churu, Nagaur, Ajmer, Jaipur and Dausa have been badly affected by large scale attacks by locusts.

Locusts have already destroyed crops on hundreds of hectares of land in the last three months. This year, in Sri Ganganagar, Bikaner and Barmer districts of western Rajasthan, the green fields filled with rabi crops have suffered extensive damage. 12 districts of Rajasthan are badly affected by them.

Locusts Attack on India

To neutralize the effects of locusts, chemicals were also sprayed, including officials from the Ministry of Agriculture. However, there is no significant benefit from this. After a long time there was a bumper crop in Rajasthan, but these locusts ruined everything.

According to an estimate, wheat and other rabi crops have been damaged due to the large scale attack of these locusts from Pakistan in western Rajasthan in the last 11 months. Due to these crops have been damaged in three lakh hectares.

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Jaskaran Singh, the owner of 25 bigha land in Anupgarh, told India Today that, earlier this year, the entire crop of wheat and peas was destroyed due to these locusts.

He said, “I took a loan of 900,000 rupees in the name of mother Amarjeet Kaur, but now the crop has been destroyed, I do not know how to repay the loan.” Jaskaran wants the government to make up for his loss.