Ladakh MP visited Indian Villages near Chinese border

Villagers settled on LAC to Ladakh MP told the story of China’s tact

The Ladakh MP recently visited Indian villages near the Chinese border. During this time, the villagers told them how China is building new villages on the border side.

  • Ladakh MP returns from LAC tour
  • Villagers told the situation to the MP
  • New villages are located on China border

Amid the ongoing border dispute with China, Bharatiya Janata Party MP from Ladakh Jamyang Sering Namgyal visited the border area. MP Namgyal, who returned after a three-day tour of border villages around the Pangong Lake area, told how China has brought people from outside to the other side of the border.

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In India Today’s news track program, the BJP MP spoke based on interaction with Indian villagers in the border area, how China has brought migrants to their border. He told, ‘China has set up a new side of Demchok village in front of Demchok village in Ladakh, which was never there before. China has built 13 houses and has also started road and telecom facilities.

MP Namgyal expressed regret that the Indian people are facing a lot of trouble near the Ladakh border as China opposes any kind of development work there. BJP MP said that the most labor base of India’s claim is that a large number of our people have been living in the border area for a long time.

The Ladakh MP said that the Government of India needs to introduce facilities like schools, medical facilities, and telecom in the border area so that people can stay there and they do not have to migrate. Significantly, China was opposed to the road being built on behalf of India near Pangong lake, due to which fresh controversy has arisen.

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Ladakh MPs also met soldiers

MP Namgyal met the villagers as well as the soldiers present in the border area on his tour. He has also shared photos of the meeting on Twitter.

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In the tweet with the photo, Namgyal wrote, ‘Saugandh will not let me erase this soil, I will not let the country be erased, I will not let the country bow down, I promise India will not let the mother bow down.’ He told that this meeting was done with the soldiers of Charcy Post on LAC.