SCO: India is playing the role of the world’s drug center in COVID Crisis

SCO Secretary-General said India is playing the role of world’s drug center in the era of Covid-19 crisis

Coronavirus: Bladimir Norov said- India’s generosity to supply medicines to 133 countries in the fight against Covid-19 epidemic

Coronavirus: General Secretary of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), Bladimir Norov has said that India is playing the role of ‘Drug Center of the world’ during the Covid-19 epidemic with its vast experience and deep knowledge in the field of medicine in various regional and globally deciding the direction of the initiatives. 

Norov told PTI that the Indian government took immediate steps to prevent and treat the coronavirus at the national level and even then it has supplied drugs to 133 countries in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic which is India’s generosity it shows. 

He said that this is a valuable and responsible example of the conduct of large power and this shows complementarity and cooperation between the SCO member countries.

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India won the election for a non-permanent seat in the UN Security Council last week with wide support. On being elected a provisional member of the Security Council, Narov said, “India has got a temporary membership of the Security Council for 2021-22 and it is more than symbolic.”

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“I am sure that India’s yoga scientists and medical professionals will study, research and study the coronavirus epidemic,” said Norov, who traveled to India in January this year and has had in-depth talks with the top leadership. He will actively participate in the efforts of the world fraternity in development. “He said,” India plays the role of the world’s medical center and it is very important in connection with the epidemic in the global context. “

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The SCO is headquartered in Beijing and it is an economic and security organization of eight countries. India and Pakistan became its members in 2017. China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan are its founding members.

Former Foreign Minister of Uzbekistan said, “India today sets the direction of many global initiatives. And the reason is also, he relies on his vast experience and deep knowledge in the field of medicine and health management which includes high quality and affordable medicines, equipment, and vaccines. ”

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He said, “India is the largest producer of generic drugs in the world and makes 20 percent of the total global drug production and meets 62 percent of the global vaccine demand.” Norov collaborated on health in this area Special mention was made to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s proposal to develop a common vision for strength.