India is ahead of America in cutting China’s Supply Chain

Indian PM has emerged as the leader of the global fight against the occupation of China’s supply chain

This is the role that US President Donald Trump now leaves on most occasions.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has emerged as the leader of the global fight to break the monopoly in the production of the Chinese Communist Party. The American Media Institute Breitbart News has also stated in its report that this is the role that now leaves US President Donald Trump empty on most occasions.

The report states that Trump won his first presidential election mainly on the promise of showing strictness against China, but this policy has appeared to have changed in recent times. 

In contrast, India had begun work on a plan to seize some of its production power even before the violent clash with China in the Galvan Valley last week.

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According to the report, India had planned to mark enough land to offer a competitive deal to international companies looking to move their trusted factories elsewhere except China.

A week later, the Apple company announced the transfer of its iPhone production from China to India. As a result, the subject of anonymous anonymity for the international news media became a national campaign of the economic partition of China and India.

The report further said that Indian citizens, including most of Modi’s supporters, started burning effigies of Chinese President Xi Jinping. Along with this, online challenges have also started, in which the participants are being given the challenge to upload their film by throwing Chinese products in the garbage.

The first country to prove Beijing wrong

The report said that China’s state media proudly asserted its economic dominance, calling the boycott of its country a suicide campaign, but India is becoming the first major country in the world to prove Beijing wrong.

The report mentions an appeal by the Confederation of All India Traders to boycott Chinese products made by the rich industrialists of the country, while at the same time, the name of the country which makes it on the products by the Government of India as ‘Made in’ But the inevitability of writing has also been told.

At the same time, those reports have also been mentioned in which it was said that India is preventing not only Chinese products but also products being made in China by American companies like Apple from entering its market.

If India can, then why not America?

Citing the example of India in its report, Breitbart News has said that the strong step taken by New Delhi to boycott China has shown that removing the Communist Party from its supply chain is not a fantasy.

The report raises the question that when India can do this, then the Americans, who are devastated by the free trade policies that make up modern China, may soon realize that America too can do it.

Such is Chinese dominance over the supply chain. China currently produces more goods than any other part of the world and defeats local economies through a monopoly in building essential parts of the most complex products of the world’s supply chain. From antibiotics to computers, anyone manufactures anything anywhere in the world, it makes the Chinese Communist Party prosper.