If Wife Earn she is not entitled to Alimony from husband

The important decision of the court, if the wife earns, she is not entitled to maintenance from husband

The court has given an important verdict on the wife’s maintenance petition. The court has said that if the wife is eligible to earn, she is not entitled to demand alimony from the husband. 

Rohini Additional Sessions Judge A Pandey’s court while interpreting its decision has said that even if the wife/woman is highly educated and physically healthy, she should earn and eat. Deliberately suppressing one’s own merits is wrong in both legal and ethical ways.

The court rejected the petition of the woman seeking alimony from her husband, making this remark. The court advised this woman not to leave the job just to get into trouble in the case. 

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The court said that her previous records show that she had been working for more than a decade. But after quarreling with her husband, she quit the job and now she is demanding a compensation of 50 thousand rupees per month from her husband.

In this case, there is a dispute between the husband and wife. Both are living separately for three years. They got married five years ago. The wife also used to work at the time of marriage. they have no children. 

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The court, while disposing of the woman’s plea, said that now she should concentrate on the disposal of other matters. The future of donations will be affected by reckless or forced litigation.

In this case, her husband presented the income tax records before the court regarding the earnings of the woman. According to this income tax record, the woman had been working for more than a decade and also paid income tax. 

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Even the income tax records submitted by the husband showed that the woman’s income was more than her husband’s monthly income. After this, the court questioned the woman about hiding the truth about the job, the woman said that it is her right to get alimony from her husband. Therefore, he has made this petition.