Health Minister Harsh Vardhan new chairman of the Executive Board

Achievement: India grows in WHO, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan will become the Chairman of the Executive Board, to take up the post on May 22

Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan, who has been leading the fight against the Coronavirus, is now ready to represent India on the global stage soon. He is to take over as chairman of the Executive Board of the World Health Organization on 22 May.  

Dr. Harsh Vardhan will replace Japan’s Doctor Hiroki Nakatani, who is currently the chairman of the 34-member board. On Tuesday, 194 countries of the World Health Assembly have signed a proposal to represent India on this global platform.

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Last year, the South East Asia Group decided that this time the board chairman would be selected by India. According to officials, Harsh Vardhan will take up the post on May 22. This position varies every year and last year it was decided that India would represent this board in the first year. According to the information, this is not a full-time responsibility and the Health Minister will have to attend meetings only.

The board meets twice a year and the main meeting usually takes place in January. While the second meeting takes place in May. The main function of the Executive Board is to provide appropriate advice for the decisions and decisions of the Health Assembly. The decision comes at a time when the US has been accused of colluding with China on the Coronavirus.

These countries got a place

Technically, only 34 countries in the health sector are made members of the executive board. But for the first time, it also includes such countries, which are quite backward in it. Apart from India, Botswana, Colombia, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Madagascar, Oman, Republic of Korea, Russia and Britain have got a place as members of the board.