Govt of India eyeing to ban 275 Chinese apps including PUBG

India has made a list of 275 Chinese apps, which will be investigated to see if they are violating the national security or privacy of the people. According to people familiar with the matter, there is a possibility that many more Chinese Internet companies may get banned in India.

Last month, a high profile ban was imposed on 59 Chinese apps amid the border dispute in these two big countries of Asia. Which included apps like TikTok.

The Economic Times newspaper says it has seen a new list, which includes the Boycott China Movement popular gaming app – PubG, Xiaomi’s Xili, Alibaba’s AliExpress, as well as Reso and TikTok’s proprietary company ByteDance – ULike.

A person familiar with the matter told, “The government can ban all these apps. Or it may be to do something or not to do anything.” However, the Union Home Ministry did not respond to this matter. But official sources say that the review is going on, which aims to identify and trace Chinese apps and their funding.

An official said that some of these apps have been complained about security reasons, while some have been warned about data sharing and privacy concerns.

Nepal encroached on No Men’s Land

According to the Hindustan newspaper, Nepali citizens have completed wire-fence work at No Man Land near Tanakpur in Uttarakhand. On Sunday, Nepali citizens roamed around No Man Land under the supervision of the wire-fence.

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These people kept monitoring every person who walked in the Indian territory. Nepalese citizens started protesting strongly on making photos and videos. Despite the persuasion of the Indian authorities, he continued his occupation.

200 proposals of Chinese investment waiting for security clearance

At the same time, there is news in The Hindu newspaper that about 200 proposals of Chinese investment are waiting for the security clearance of the Ministry of Home Affairs, because of this the new rule of the government was brought in April. Under which the FDI of countries bordering India has been made mandatory to get permission before the government.

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In the non-critical sector, FDI can come from the automatic route. Earlier such proposals did not require the approval of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Earlier, investments coming in critical sectors like Defense, Media, Tele Communication, Satellite, Private Security Agency, Civil Aviation, and Mining required government approval or security clearance. Any investment coming from Pakistan and Bangladesh had to take such approval.

Now the gathering of Chinese soldiers on the outskirts of Tibet

According to the Jansatta newspaper, India’s major intelligence satellite-AMISAT, operated by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), has reconnaissance of Chinese military bases passing over China’s occupied Tibet.

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In its occupied part of Tibet, China has mobilized a huge army. DRDO has released the photos of the Khuffia satellite and the details of the received signal. According to officials, India’s spy satellite passed over China’s occupied Tibet on Saturday night. This satellite has collected good information about Chinese bases.

AMISAT has also given information about the bases of the Chinese Army in Djibouti. It is the first foreign military base of the Chinese Army. China has deployed three warships here.

At the same time, there is news that China has built a 20 km road near the last village of the Morang Valley region in Himachal.