Gorakhpur’s female teacher who exemplified Pakistan suspended

In Gorakhpur, the home town of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, a woman teacher teaching children has been suspended from the example of Pakistan.

The investigation of the case has also started, while the female teacher says that she did this by mistake and has also apologized for it.

Two days ago, a teacher of GN Public School, Gorakhpur, Shadab Khanam sent some examples of NOUN (noun) to the children in the WhatsApp group in the online class of class four.

In these examples, there were some that upon seeing the parents of many children raised serious objections. Some of the examples that Shadab Khanam sent were – ‘Pakistan is our dear homeland’, ‘I will join Pakistan Army’, ‘Rashid Minhaz was a Brave Soldier’.

Seeing these examples, not only the parents objected, but the school management also objected.

Investigation against teacher

The school’s manager Goraksha Pratap Singh told the BBC, “As soon as we received the information, we sent a show-cause notice to the teacher, after which She was suspended and She was refused to teach until her reply was received. To investigate the matter We have formed a committee of four teachers of the school itself and have also informed the District School Inspector and Basic Education Officer about this. “

On the other hand, teacher Shadab Khanam says that She gave examples by searching on Google, but when some parents raised objections, I apologized to the group itself.

In a conversation with the BBC, Shadab says, “If I see examples of Noun, Collective Noun and Proper Noun, I copied and sent them to the group. Some parents objected, so I said that you should write India instead of Pakistan. But When some people started showing anger at her, I accepted my mistake and apologized to the group itself. Still some parents made it so viral by making it viral on social media. “

Shadab Khanam says that She has received a notice from the school management but she is not in a position to reply right now.

She says, “I have been given a week’s time. Right now my mental state is not such that I can respond. However, I have apologized that whatever happened was due to a mistake, not a malaise.” I will send a reply in writing to the school in a day or two. “

The school’s manager GP Singh says that Shadab has been teaching in his school for almost 10 years and before that there was never any chance of complaint from her side.

There is also a discussion in the local media that the school management has lodged a report against Shadab in the police as well, but manager GP Singh gets agitated on this question. He says, “I am not obliged to tell you everything. You can ask some things even to the policemen.”

Rajendra Mishra, PRO of Gorakhpur Superintendent of Police, says, “No complaint has been lodged on behalf of the school. The police have taken cognizance and are being investigated on the basis of the news published in the newspapers. The school management has also told that Investigating the matter. “

At the same time, some parents of the school are very angry about this matter and they are also raising questions about the teacher’s intentions.

The father of a child studying in the school, on the condition of anonymity, says, “If you search NOUN in Google, only examples of Pakistan do not come.”

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However, on social media, many people are defending the teacher saying that it is a human mistake. Shadab Khan Khan is refraining from talking to anyone due to catching up with the matter and frequent phone calls.

In social media, she dismisses the allegations related to her love for Pakistan. Shadab’s husband Mohammad Hasim says that she and her entire family are true country lovers, they cannot even think such things.

Mohammad Hasim says, “Online classes have recently started in the school and Shadab is not so techno-savvy. There has never been any experience of reading or teaching online. So there must have been a mistake.”