Global Times: India & China remove jawans in the 3rd meeting

  • The decision after the meeting of the lieutenant commanders of the two countries lasted for 12 hours on Tuesday.
  • Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Army Chief Manoj Mukund Narwane will go to Leh on Friday

In a meeting between the commanders of India and China, it has been decided that the two countries will withdraw their forces in batches to reduce tension. 

Chinese media Global Times reported that the decision was taken by the Lieutenant-General of the two countries in a meeting that lasted nearly 12 hours on Tuesday.

Defense Minister and Army Chief will go to Leh on Friday

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Army Chief Manoj Mukund Narwane will visit Leh on Friday. There they will review security conditions in eastern Ladakh. 

During this time, the defense minister can also hold high-level meetings with the senior officers of the army. For the last seven weeks in East Ladakh, the army of India and China have been in a confrontation in many places. 

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The meeting on Tuesday was attended by 14 Corps Commander Lt Gen Harminder Singh from India and Major General Liu Lin, Commander of Tibet Military from China. 

Stress can be reduced gradually

This meeting said that the process of reducing stress on LAC is difficult. At this time, concocted and bogus reports should be avoided.

In the talks held on Tuesday, the two countries spoke for the first time on June 6 to implement a mutual understanding of the Commander Level talks. 

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According to sources, the talks have brought a positive stance on both sides to reduce tension on the LAC. Military and diplomatic levels may also be negotiated in both countries. 

This is the third meeting of the Senior Military Commander Level, in which both sides emphasized that the tension can be reduced gradually through a multi-phase dialogue. 

India-China agree to withdraw troops on the border- Global Times

Global Times quoted sources as saying that both the countries spoke in the talks of Commander Level on Tuesday. 

During this time it was agreed to increase mutual trust, remove differences, remove troops from LAC in pieces, and make the situation normal.

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Global Times wrote – Now India must get more from China itself. The action of the troops on the border should be strictly controlled. The fundamentalist should not take steps and protect peace in the Indo-China border areas. 

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on Wednesday that India and China have made good progress in normalizing the conditions through Commander Laver’s talks.