Policeman stabs neck of a man on the lines of ‘George Floyd’ in Jodhpur

A video from Jodhpur has created a sensation on social media. In this video, a police constable can be seen pressing a person’s neck with his knee because of not wearing a mask.

On social media, people are calling it the ‘George Floyd attack‘ of India. After this video came out, the Jodhpur Police is getting bitter criticism.

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According to the news published in the Indian Express, a person named Mukesh Kumar Prajapat came out of the house without wearing a face mask. However, DCP of Jodhpur (West) Preeti Chandra says that the police took this step for self-defense.

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She said, “The man was out of the house without a mask. When the police asked him about this, he raised the mask from his pocket and showed it to them and started threatening. After this, the police called the jeep but before the jeep arrived, The police started hitting the man with slaps and punches. Because of this, the police had to take this step. “

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A similar incident occurred in the United States a few days ago when some white cops rubbed the neck of a black American George Floyd to his knees and George Floyd died after not being able to breathe for long.

Since this incident, large-scale protests have been taking place in the US and there has once again been a debate on racial discrimination and violence against black people.