Delhi: Special 70% Corona Tax on liquor eliminated

The Arvind Kejriwal government has decided to eliminate 70% of the special Corona tax on alcohol.

This is great relief news for the alcohol lovers of the country’s capital and surrounding areas. The Arvind Kejriwal government of Delhi has decided to eliminate 70% of the special Corona tax on alcohol. It will be effective from 10 June. The Kejriwal government, along with the decision to withdraw 70% excess tax on liquor, also announced an increase in VAT.

Now 5% additional VAT will be charged on liquor. VAT was 20% then, it will be increased to 25% now. Explain that 70% of the CESS was on retail sales (MRP). After the withdrawal of this special fee. However, an official announcement has not been made about this yet.

Special Corona Fees on Wine: Corona tax imposed on liquor in Delhi, now 70 percent will be sold…

New Delhi Special Corona Fees on Wine: The Delhi government has imposed Corona tax on liquor in Delhi. Now in Delhi, 70 percent will already be expensive. This order will be applicable from Tuesday itself. As per the government order, the sale of liquor has been taxed in the name of the ‘Special Corona fee’.

Arvind Kejriwal announced the removal of 70% of the special Corona cess on alcohol during the press conference on Sunday. Explain that the state treasury was adversely affected due to the lockdown. The situation reached such a point that it was difficult to give salary to a government employee.

In view of this, the Delhi government had also sought financial assistance of Rs 5000 crore from the Center.

During the press conference on Sunday, CM said that from Monday, all restaurants, shopping malls, and places of worship will open inside Delhi. But during this, social distancing will have to be followed. Kejriwal said that hotels and banquette halls will remain closed in the national capital. It has not been allowed to open yet.

Along with the big decision on Delhi hospitals, Kejriwal said that all the beds in hospitals under the Delhi government will be safe for the residents of Delhi, while the hospitals under the center will be for those outside Delhi. Aam Aadmi Party supremo Arvind Kejriwal said that last week we had asked the people of Delhi whether Delhi’s hospitals should be open to all the states?

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About 90% of the people say that as long as there is the corona, then Delhi hospitals should be reserved for the people of Delhi only. At the same time, Kejriwal said that from tomorrow the borders of Delhi will be opened. According to him, this decision has been taken as per the suggestion of the committee and people in the cabinet meeting.