Delhi: builder broke both the legs of RWA Pradhan

The builder broke both the legs of RWA Pradhan when he stopped using the water of the colony.

The case of RWA officials has come up in Vishwakarma Colony in the Prahladpur area of ​​South East Delhi. According to the information, the RWA office bearers were beaten fiercely by a builder and his people, in which both the legs of the head of the RWA were broken.

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Actually, the reason for the argument is the construction of a building by the builder. The builder is constructing a building there and for this, he is using the water board of the colony despite refusing it many times. While the water board has already cut off its supply.

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The event is on 5 June. According to the victim RWA chief Ravindra Rawat, a builder named Balli was constructing a building in his colony. There is a scarcity of water in the colony but even after the builder refused, instead of getting a tanker, he took water supply from the colony’s water board pipeline.

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The people of the colony protested and complained against the builder to the Jal Board. After the complaint of the residents of the colony, the water board cut the builder’s water connection. It is being told that the builder got angry and attacked him.

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According to the information, the angry builder attacked Ravindra near the bridge Prahladpur police station at around 7 pm on June 5, but he did not get hurt. A meeting was going on at 9 pm between the officials at the RWA office about the same matter. Only then people from 20 to 25 people attacked.

The officials survived the attack but Ravindra and Maharaja Singh were injured. Ravindra has fractured both his legs. The attackers vandalized the office of RWA and also vandalized the vehicles parked outside.