Railway threatens with the speed of the storm, coaches tied with iron chain in Howrah

There is a danger of cyclonic storms in West Bengal. In view of the threat of hurricanes in Howrah, the railway coaches have been tied with strong iron chains so that the trains do not get hit by the storm. Experts say that if empty trains run on the track, then a big accident can happen and the trains can also be damaged.

The danger of Super Cyclone Amfan hovering in West Bengal
19 teams in West Bengal and 15 NDRF teams deployed in Odisha

Today the super cyclone ‘Amfan’ is expected to hit the coast of West Bengal. Rail services are the biggest threat from 185 to 155 km per hour storm. In Howrah, the rail coaches have been tied with chains to prevent the damage to the rail coaches from the stormy winds.

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From the railway, arrangements have been made to tie the coaches of the railway parked in Howrah’s Shalimar siding with chains and locks. Even though the rail services have come to a standstill due to the Corona crisis in the whole country, but whatever special labor trains are being run during this period, they have also been informed by the South Eastern Railway to stop in view of security.

The trains which are standing empty on the railway track, are tied with a thick chain skit of iron and locked. This has been done so that due to the strong wind in the cyclonic storm, the trains do not run on the track without an engine. If run without an engine once the accident can happen then it can prove very difficult to control it. This is the reason why the train is tied with iron chains and locks.

Speed ​​from 155 to 185 kmph

Winds and heavy rains are expected during the storm at speeds ranging from 155 to 185 kilometers per hour. According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), during this time, the coastal districts of Bengal will receive heavy rains and a four-five meter high waves will rise in the sea.

19 teams of NDRF deployed in West Bengal

To deal with the storm of Amfan, 19 teams of NDRF have been deployed in West Bengal and 15 teams have been deployed in Odisha. 6 teams have been prepared in such a way that whenever needed, they should be airlifted and delivered. A cyclonic storm can cause massive destruction in the affected areas.

Sand-filled sacks are being planted in Odisha

The panic of cyclone Amfan is so much that the Howrah Corporation has kept the control room operational for 24 hours so that people can be provided immediate help in case of any inconvenience. Sands filled with sand are being installed in the coastal areas of Odisha to prevent sea waves from reaching the settlements. Settlements have been evacuated from the coastal areas in Jagatsinghpur. People are being shifted to the shelter home.