China occupied 10 areas of Nepal, Turning rivers

China is seeking Nepal’s land grab. He is encroaching on Nepali land in the name of road construction in Tibet. In the future, it also plans to build border outposts in these areas. This has been revealed by the Nepal government’s confidential report.

The report, prepared by the survey department of the Ministry of Agriculture, mentions ten areas spread over 33 hectares in which China has occupied Nepali land by turning rivers.

In Humla district, China opened up the garden through road construction and took ten hectares of land turning the Karnali river. At the same time, due to the construction activities in Tibet, the change in the attitude of Syngenta, Bhurjuk, and Jambua Khola occupies six hectares of Rasuva land.

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The report says that the Chinese government is continuously increasing its road network in the Tibet Autonomous Region. This has changed the attitude of many rivers and tributaries and they have started flowing towards Nepal. Due to this flow of rivers, the border of many districts of Nepal has started getting blurred.

If the same situation prevails, soon Nepal’s large territory will be seen connected to the Tibet Autonomous Region. It is also possible that China will set up border posts there.

Nepal Government Negligent

  • After the survey in the 1960s, Nepal built only a hundred pillars for the border with China. At the same time, the number of pillars is close to 8553 when it comes to the border with India.

China occupied 4.1 million sq km of Land of 6 Countries

  • 14 countries from the border of China, 23 countries in the land or occupation of it –
  • East Turkistan in 1934 and Tibet with 80% Buddhist population attacked
  • in 1950 – Inner Mongolia in 1945 11.83 lakh sq km of land held, Taiwan’s 35 thousand sq km land
  • sighted – Intent to increase hold on Hong Kong by bringing new National Security Act, claims on islands of South and the East China Sea

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Occupying a large part of India

  • 38 thousand square kilometers occupied by China –
  • Area of 14,380 square kilometers comprised of Aksai Chin –
  • 5180 sq km area of ​​PoK gave to China by Pakistan