After China & Nepal now Bhutan sealed-border with India

Bhutan has now made it difficult for India to stand under tension from China and Nepal.

India is struggling with its neighbors these days. Whether it is Nepal or Pakistan or Bangladesh or China. In all adverse circumstances, relations between Bhutan and India have remained untouched in this matter, but now everything is not looking right from here also. 

Only a few months ago, Bhutan decided to charge more than a thousand rupees every day from Indians who come as tourists. Now the farmers of Assam’s Baksa district are worried about the water being blocked towards Bhutan.

Due to the Coronavirus, the Bhutan government has banned the entry of any outsider within the country and has stopped Indian farmers from using the water of rivers originating from Bhutan. 

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More than 6000 farmers of more than 26 villages of Baksha district depend on this source of irrigation (locally called dong). Since 1953, local farmers have been irrigating their paddy fields with the water of rivers originating from Bhutan. However, Indian farmers are very angry after the sudden stoppage of water from Bhutan.

Civil society members, including farmers in Baksha district, also protested against it on Monday and expressed concern over the Bhutan government’s decision to withhold water. The protesters also blocked the Rongai-Bhutan road for several hours.

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The protesters demanded that the central government take up the issue with the Bhutan government and try to resolve it keeping the interests of the farmers in mind.

Every year at this time, local farmers enter the Samundrup Jongkhar area on the Indo-Bhutan border and irrigate the Kala River water by bringing it to their fields. However, due to the coronavirus epidemic this year, officials of the Bhutan government have refused to give entry to Indian farmers.

A farmer involved in the demonstration said that without water they would have to face all the problems. The farmer said we used to bring water in our paddy fields by making Dong Dam towards Bhutan. 

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Because of the lockdown, the government of Bhutan has completely banned our entry. We are struggling with the problem of irrigation for paddy fields. The government should resolve this problem as soon as possible. If our demands are not met then we will speed up the performance.

India’s relations with Bhutan have always been friendly. Every year a large number of Indians visit Bhutan. Even Indians do not need passports to visit Bhutan. However, this year the Government of Bhutan had decided that now Indian tourists will also have to pay fees like foreign tourists.

On the one hand, while India is facing a struggle in the Ladakh Valley with China, Nepal is also aggressive about the border dispute with India. Despite India’s objections, Nepal recently released a new map and included three areas of India

The Government of Nepal has taken another such decision which will harm the relationship between the Indians and the Roti-Beti. Nepal, under its citizenship law, will now grant citizenship to any foreign woman who marries a Nepali man after seven years.

On the other hand, Bangladesh has recently entered into an agreement with China under which China will not levy any duty on its exports. China’s move in India was seen as an attempt to woo Bangladesh and in some reports, it was called a charity. 

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The Bangladesh Foreign Minister had reacted strongly to this and said that it reflects the narrow mindset of Indians. Earlier, Bangladesh had also expressed strong opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Act of India.

In Thimphu, the editor of the Bhutan government newspaper, Tianjin Longsang, made a disputed statement saying that Bhutan has stopped all the irrigation water going towards India. 

He tweeted several tweets saying that every year Bhutan allowed the farmers of Assam to divert water so that they could collect some water for irrigation. But now the borders have been sealed.

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Ever since India dusted off Chinese troops infiltrating the Galvan valley in Ladakh, China’s communist government has been putting diplomatic pressure on countries bordering India to go against India. 

China has invested more and more money in these neighboring countries of South Asia. Due to this, now he is making other neighboring countries at his behest. 

China’s ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has invested heavily in India’s neighboring countries. That is why South Asia has become largely dependent on China.

India-Nepal are working in coordination to prevent flood loss

India said that in view of the repair of small dams along the border with Nepal and the erosion of the banks in the major rivers, both countries have been engaged in repair work in time. 

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So that during the monsoon season excessive rains cause the least damage from the flood situation. Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Shrivastava said on Thursday that a mechanism already exists between India and Nepal to prevent floods. 

Efforts are also on to stop river erosion. He said that the two sides have started a mutual reconciliation to compensate for losses on India’s major rivers along the Nepal border.