America, India, Australia, and Japan have been mobilized against China

Not only America and India but all countries including Australia and Japan have been mobilized against China aggressively expanding based on an economic superpower. There are signs of change in the geopolitical scenario in the world which can present a challenge to China. China is also understanding these signs and that is why there is concern about it in the media there.

On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump proposed to expand G-7 to include India in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi also responded positively. In a telephonic conversation with Trump, Modi said in a statement that Modi praised his vision and creative attitude and said that such a forum needs to be expanded with the reality of the post-COVID-19 world.

The G-7 is the group of seven largest and advanced economies in the world, including Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Britain, and the United States. Now Trump wants to expand the G-7 to make it G-11 or G-12.

The Chinese media has reacted sharply to India’s entry in the G-7. The Global Times, called the mouthpiece of the Chinese government, has written, “The idea of ​​expanding the G-7 is about geopolitical equations and it is an attempt to stop China.” America is not only with India because it is the fifth-largest economy in the world but is also an important part of America’s Indo-Pacific strategy. America wants to strengthen India to stop China in the Indo-Pacific.

Global Times wrote in its editorial, “India’s enthusiastic stance on Trump’s plan is not surprising. In the ambition of Shakti, India has long been trying to be part of the world’s top international organizations. In recent times Amid tensions between India and China at the border, India also wants to convey a message to China by supporting the US G-7 plan. Many Indian strategists say that India should move closer to the US to increase pressure on China.

Since the Corona epidemic, China’s relations with Australia have also been bitter. When Australia demanded an international investigation of the coronavirus epidemic, China got angry and took several steps that could hurt it financially. On the other hand, India held a virtual meeting with Australia on Tuesday in which emphasis was placed on increasing cooperation in all fields including trade.

Officials say that India and Australia as democratic countries understand each other’s stance in regional and global affairs. This meeting between Australia and India is very important in view of resentment towards China in many countries of the world.

India’s strengthening partnership with all the countries of the world including America is also knocking the Chinese media. The Global Times has written that, since Modi came to power for the second time, India’s attitude towards China has changed. India is moving fast on the quadrilateral strategic dialogue i.e., strengthening its alliances with India, Australia, Japan, and America.

The Chinese newspaper has also mentioned Trump’s visit to India. The newspaper has written that during Trump’s February tour, India and the United States had talked about increasing inclusive global strategic partnership. This means that India is ready to help America implement the Indo-Pacific strategy. In return, he wants help from America to become a global force and in his other plans.

Global Times wrote, Against the backdrop of the Corona epidemic, senior officials from India, Australia, Japan, and the US and New Zealand, South Korea, and Vietnam had teleconferenced in March. India played an important role in organizing this meeting. Although it has been claimed that it is about the Corona issue, the intention of presenting the faction of the four countries as an institution and expanding it to New Zealand, South Korea, and Vietnam cannot be taken lightly.

The newspaper has written, it is perfectly correct to say that India has been active in the many US plans to target China. But if there is no decrease in the strength of China and its global status after the epidemic and the fall of America continues, it is less likely that India will still stand with the US to stop China.

The article further states that a small group of Indian strategists and policy-makers are in the hands of those who hold negative views against China. The rise of China and the growing difference in power between India and China is increasing India’s restlessness towards China.

The Global Times has referred to some reports in the Indian media that described Trump’s expansion of the G7 as a geopolitical equation against China. The Global Times has written, America is supporting India against China. This also shows India’s strategic thinking in China. India’s decision on global strategic conditions is completely different from China. They feel that the western countries are still in a stronger position and if they stand with America then they will benefit.

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In the end, the Global Times has warned India that if it joins in a hurry with small groups that consider China to be an imaginary enemy, then Sino-Indian relations will deteriorate and it will not be in India’s interest.

The Chinese government mouthpiece wrote, “Bilateral relations between the two countries are already tense. China-India relations are in such a situation that only top leaders can decide the future. Once relations deteriorate But it won’t be easy to repair them again. “